Jaguar oil filter V-12

I was just watching a video last night about pre purchase info before buying a 5.3L V-12 Jaguar. One of the complaints was that the owner was having was a strange noise coming from the engine. It was a comment that it could be coming from the oil filter. It was suggested to always use a Jaguar oil filter sine the non Jaguar type can cause captivation and make strange noises. I’ve never heard of this before.
I always go to my Jaguar dealership and of course over pay, but was thinking of switching to a NAPA gold for example.
Has anyone ever heard of this ?

We were talking about this last November, the Moose Call.

Lot of theories, including oil filters, but IMO the probable cause is the oil pressure regulator.


Both my past and present V12s have been moose callers. I’ve used a variety of filters over the years, including NAPA (which is WIX), and never noticed a relationship between filters and moose calling.


I must admit, it’s my little snobbery thing. Call me stupid, but I always use the Jaguar oil filter cause they look so perty and I feel I’m giving the old girl a treat. I’ve never had any noise or problems.
I guess I’m sticking with a Jaguar oil filter for no apparent reason. I just didn’t realize there was a cavitation issue with non OEM filters. Besides making noise I assume maybe there’s an air or oil passage problem, which could equate to bigger issues.

For many years I used only Jaguar-branded hoses, belts, filters, etc. And only Castrol GTX oil and only Castrol LMA brake fluid.

I didn’t mind the extra expense and it made me feel good.

After a few years, though, I realized that no matter how good I felt the car was very unemotional and didn’t give a damn one way or the other :slight_smile:



First things first: An oil filter cannot cause cavitation, since cavitation happens on the suction side of the oil pump and the filter is well after the oil pump.

A filter can make noise, since there is a bypass inside and that bypass can buzz or whatnot when it’s trying to open. Perhaps irritating, but shouldn’t hurt anything unless parts start breaking off or something.

There’s also a bypass outside the filter, the one connected to that question-mark-shaped tube that leads back to the sump. These bypasses do different things: The one inside the filter bypasses the filter element when it gets plugged up or when the oil pump output exceeds what the element can handle. The external bypass bypasses the engine when the oil pressure is too high, usually because the oil is cold. It wouldn’t surprise me to hear that the external bypass can make noise, too, but I dunno how the choice of oil filter would make any difference.

Oh, and those groaning sounds are well known among XJ-S owners. While some blame the oil bypass, others blame the GM400 transmission, and still others attribute the noise to the coolant circuit – specifically the air purge system. Before doing anything else, I’d recommend R&R’ing the banjo bolt on the top right of the radiator and performing the modification to elongate the holes so they line up properly with the passage in the collar. And the jiggle pin in the connection between the air purge line and the filler neck should probably be removed in entirety, as Jaguar installed it backwards for some reason. You could figure out how to reinstall it the right direction or just install an inline check valve that permits fluid to go from filler neck to air purge but not the other direction.

Oh, and install a flushing tee at the high point of the heater circuit so you can properly bleed the air out of the system when filling.

With those things done, you might find the groan has vanished. If not, post results and we’ll investigate further.

My groans are getting quieter and not lasting as long…why? Its getting warmer outside when i start the car.

My car did it’s fair share of groaning, and I thought that the noise was coming from the transmission- convertor drainback. I started the engine for the first time a few days ago, now winter is done, and was interested in seeing how well (or badly) my cooling system would work with the copper crossover tubing and other changes I had made.
The result was a success. The air purge works just as Jaguar intended, and I have noticed something else. The engine has been started several times from overnight resting, and it has not groaned even once. Yet.


So, perhaps that jiggle pin at the filler neck? Because IIRC you did away with that, installed a check valve in the line?

Well, I thought of just having an orifice instead of the water valve, but wound up using a brass pipe nipple with the water valve inside it, oriented as Jaguar designed it, mounted an inch or so away from the filler neck.(Easy to change.)
I’m not going to make a prediction as to whether the groan will come back, but so far the car seems happy and just purrs.