Jaguar parking sign

I recently picked this old sign up from a car museum that once housed two e-type jaguars, and since he now no longer has them, I offered to buy the sign, for $20 usd. After reviewing the sign I believe it isn’t just a novelty but a real city issued sign. Is there any way I can check? I like knowing the history to all my antiques before I display them or else they go into my storage room until I get a proper history check. Thanks in advance,


Sorry to burst your bubble but unless that was originally from Coventry in the UK I would doubt its provenance.

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Loads about , from about £10 on e-bay , bet soon as you left , he hung another one up :grin:

first off, hello fellow ian, second, i did some research of looking through old photos and this sign looks idenbtical to one that would be at the jaguar of coventry building, possibly stolen, well most likely stolen, but its defentily from the building. and the one you attached i almost got awhile back, but i wanted one with a neat logo on it and the one i got has that. also i just love anything old/ antiques.

I’ll be having a garage sale you might be interested in…:wink:

Maybe make an inquiry to the JDHT?

If the sign were on private property like the factory in Coventry I don’t know if a city ordinance would have been applicable or enforceable. I’d love it to be a piece of Brown’s Lane history but suspect it’s a novelty like the plastic sign I have in the garage.

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I have an identical sign. I think it was around ten bucks.

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Me too. They make them for everything.

I’m ok then av-60601


City Ord# wouldn’t have been a British term in the 50s or 60s or even later for that matter. The Jaguar Coventry is pre British Leyland so from about 1967 .
It all doesn’t add up. I’m sure it has nothing to do with Jaguar.

I love garage sales, my dad hates them because I always come home with my explorer full of stuff I don’t need but want

There’s the facts I needed to confirm or deny the truth, thanks pal!

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