Jaguar Project 8 Hits 200 MPH

Want to see Harry take a Project 8 to 200 mph on the autobahn…

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Not bad at all, you can just tell it has sufficient power at speed :drooling_face:

Because one can, doesn’t mean one one should.

Personally, I would never drive a car that fast without proper belts, a full roll cage, and a fuel cell and fire system.

Impressive power!

I wouldn’t do 300 on a two lane or during daytime. At night, sure!

With wildlife more prevalent at night? No thank you!

Wildlife rarely makes it onto the fenced off streets. Not that it never happens but it is very rare compared to normal roads.

The motorways are fenced? Only in rare cases are wildlife fenced off them in the States.

I can’t find legislation but many parts have the guide rails and in other cases there’s definitely fencing or the topography doesn’t allow anything else. There are bridges for the animals to cross in some areas. I have seen animals but the risk is low - couldn’t find much information.
Since 250 kph is plenty fast enough I would have to know the stretch intimately and I wouldn’t attempt it with traffic - this is one of the reasons why I prefer driving at night. I did see an animal once in a few ten thousand km.
They occasionally warn on the radio if an animal gets lost on the Autobahn.
There has been a death a while ago where a large rock rolled on the road and someone died. They took a few months to make sure that the hillside is safe and only then removed the limit. Our highways are very safe and efficient and I‘m very lucky that I‘m able to enjoy them as a fast and comfortable way of traveling. 300+ is definitely pushing your luck, the gentlemans agreement is 250, my car has trouble getting there so I usually go 180-230. it adds about a third to the fuel consumption and shrinks the distance. I love it.