Jaguar S type fuel filters

Hi everyone.
I hope someone will be able to help me.
My Jaguar started sputtering. It had done this before (I replaced the fuel filter located behind the front wheel) it then ran great for another 4000km
It then started to sputter again. I just had a diagnostic done on my 2005 Jaguar S Type (3.0 V6). The diagnostic says ‘main fuel filter malfunction’ (according to the mechanic)
He then said that the main fuel filter is located in the petrol tank. Is this true? Does the car have 2 petrol filters?
The I went to look at the cost, for a new filter from Jaguar then quoted me what is equivalent to $500.
Do you guys have any advice.
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Are you sure it was the fuel filter that was changed at the front of the car? I would be more inclined to think that was the charcoal canister for the emissions side of things, I would expect the fuel filter to be closer to the petrol tank but not IN the tank.

Hi. Thanks for the reply.
So I spoke with a Jaguar expert. The S Type only has one fuel filter, behind the left front wheel.
The fuel pump in the tank has a metal sift, but that sift never gets clogged. The pump usually goes before that.
So I am going to replace my fuel filter tomorrow and see how the fuel from the old filter looks.