Jaguar Spare Parts Manuals

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Description: I have the following used Jaguar manuals that I am offering for sale on an individual basis or for the entire lot for the cost of shipping and handling only:

  1. Spare parts catalogue for Jaguar and 3.8 litre Mark 2. Publication J34 issued in April 1964

2)Spare parts catalogue for Jaguar Mark 10. Publication J32 issued December 1962

  1. Spare Parts catalogue for Jaguar 2.4 litre model incorporating automatic transmission, overdive and disc brakes. Publication J26 issued June 1959

  2. Spare parts catalogue for jaguar 3.4 litre model incorporating automatic transmission, overdrive and disc brakes. Publication J25 issued November 1958

The above nmanuals are complete and in very good original condition with vinyl covered binders and /or screw bindings.

I also have two Spare parts catalogues for jaguar Mark VII models. The first one is publication J9 issued in August 1951 and has a hard covered screw binding but the front cover is loose and not attached. The second Mark VII spare parts catalogue is publication J21 issued in July 1957 and supercedes the J9 publication. It is complete, however, it does not have a front or back cover.

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Location: British Columbia, Canada

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Geoff, I am possibly interested in your Mark 10 J32 publication depending on whether it is first issue or second issue. Both share the same front cover/binder that shows as being issued December 1962, but it should show at lower-right of inside page (ii) the issue dates - can you advise please.


Hello Roger,

The first page also only stipulates “Published December 1962” however, there is notation on the first page under “Code: Bentley’s 2nd”, which I presume means second edition

Regards, Geoff

“bentley’s 2nd” is a bit a joke. It’s Jaguars Telex code. When sending a telex, it’s essentially the phone number. Jaguar considered themselves second only to Bentley. Kinda cute.

I should have googled this before throwing out my theory… but instead of being the identifier for Jaguars Telex line, Bentley’s 2nd was how the telex would reply when contacted so you could be sure you reached the right line. It’s the equivalent of “Hello”, not an identifier of the Telex line. I’m only 41. Someone in their 90’s should jump in…

Thanks Geoff,

The second issue shows RE-PRINTED JUNE,1966 underneath the Published December 1962 on page (ii). The June 1966 issue is actually the much better issue to have as it covers all updates of the 3.8 Mark 10 up until the last built, as the original December 1962 issue only covers the build up to end of 1962.

However, for my research purposes, I do on occasions want to refer to this December 1962 status first issue, so yes, I remain interested. Not sure how to keep this enquiry now private - can you contact me directly on regarding a price and postage cost to Australia.

Many thanks…

Hello Roger,

I have confirmed that this only states “Published December 1962” on the ii page. I will confirm what shipping costs are tomorrow and reply to your email address.

Interestingly, my father acquired 15 Jaguar manuals at a flea market somewhere along the eastern coast of the US. He was looking for manuals that applied to the XK120, which I have owned for 20 years now. These are the only remaining manuals I have left
as the others have been previously sold.

I appreciate your contributions to these forums Roger.

Regards, Geoff

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