Jaguar V12 introduction promotional video?

According to various sources a promtional video/film was produced for the introduction of the V12 engine.
It is supposed to contain fottage of the XJ13 being driven at MIRA.

Does anyone know if such a video exists and if so where to get it?


It’s on YouTube.

Thanks for the link! I had seen that video already and it is very interesting. But I think it is only part of the whole video as it only shows Walter Hassan and Harry Mundy talking about the engine, but no XJ13 footage.


If footage does exist I’ve never heard or seen it!
I did some work on it as an apprentice when it was rebuilt post MIRA.
I don’t remember anyone saying that any footage was ever released!
Think it unlikely as a result of the final outcome on that fateful day!
There are a few stills out there. Particularly after the “slight off”!!!

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I finally found something!

Raymond Baxter - Wow! Childhood hero from the 1970s when he was BBC front man for Tomorrow’s World, and did the commentary for The Farnborough Air Show. I think I would trust pretty much anything he said.