Jaguar v12 period race engine

Hello everyone,

Long time reader first time poster. I’ve been a jaguar enthusiast for a long time, I’m also a racing enthusiast and always have a couple of track cars but now I am starting to build a Jaguar race car.

To start, recently I went to an old school jaguar car shop that had sold the building and ended up getting rid of everything they had and I ended up getting some amazing stuff really so I thought I would share what I found incase anyone would find it interesting.

To start I found a full set of authentic Cosworth V12 high compression big bore Pre He pistons. I also found a pre he block that has an aluminum dry sump oil pan for a dry sump oil system. I found a pair of high lift high duration v12 camshafts! As well as a set of original uncut v12 camshafts so I can put whatever cam profile on them I want. I also have a full set of cast aluminum long runner downdraft intake manifolds for 6 downdraft webers that are stamped Group 44!
And that’s just some of the stuff I found for the v12s, I found plenty of other stuff for the XK6 engine.

I wanted to make a race engine out of what I found. If anyone wants pictures of some of the stuff I found then just let me know


yes please : it seems you’ve got your hands on really nice stuff :heart_eyes:

Would really like to see pix of those pistons- what size are they? Do you know the CR for them?

Lots of great stuff, there!


I’m not sure what the compression ratio would be on these without measuring them. They are 92mm, my theory is that cosworth made them for group 44’s jaguars as the intake manifolds I found were stamped group 44 as well. Now I just need to figure out what block I’m going to put them in. I would like to put them in a 6.0L block and use some Pre HE cylinder heads with larger valves but then I would need to have connecting rods made and that would be quite pricey. Here’s a picture of the pistons

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Those look strikingly like the pistons in a 2 liter Rover!