Jaguar XF 2013 wipers fault

Jaguar XF 2.3 l Diesel Dec 2013 has developed a weird wipers fault. In the dry the wipers work fine (though I obviously don’t do this- just done briefly to test using the screen wash button). After it rains, and ONLY after it rains, they will start working when switched on, wipe a few times, then stop at any odd position on the screen, and will not park correctly. If I switch the wiper switch off and then on again they will do the same cycle but again stop after a few wipes. They will do this for THREE times only - after this they will only work if I stop the car by turning the ignition off, then re-starting the car engine. It then repeats the three cycles only every time and then I have to re-start yet again.
This happens is switch is set to sensor, low speed, or high speed!
It is infuriating so I would be grateful for any help please. I have Googled with no result but I am sure some expert out there will know exactly what this fault is. Thank you

Gotta love the electronics on these cars.

You say it only happens when it rains which leads me to believe you have moisture infiltration somewhere that is causing it. Do you know if there is a relay associated with the wipers? If so, I’d probably start by looking there.

If you haven’t already, I’d suggest downloading the factory repair manual for your car. Its huge and cumbersome, but does a decent job of explaining the basics of how most of the systems on the car work.

Yes there are a couple of relays involved. I have a manual but it is short on detail of how the wiper system works :cry:

OK So tested screen sensor today. Used fine spray garden bottle and sensor seems fine. All weeds killed :grin:. Motor working fine till accidentally hit power screen wash button on end of wiper stalk and then fault recurred, so may be that I am pressing this habitually to clean screen when it is raining and triggering a mild BCM leak to earth from a leaking screenwash pump so messing up the wipers (seems this is a common issue). My car was parked on my hilly drive front facing up, so turned car round to facing down my hilly drive and error miraculously disappeared so suspect I am right [image]. Now trying to work out where the fuse is to disconnect the pump as this would prove or disprove my theory before pulling anything apart. My handbook and a Jaguar XF 2013 manual both mention an F6 green fuse in the engine fuse box so removed this - and the windscreen pump merrily sprayed away [image]

Can’t find a decent pic of fuses and functions online so can anyone help with location of this screenwash fuse?

Ties in with the heavy frost which caused the issue in the first place - probably affected/damaged the pump etc

Can’t find a decent pic of fuses and functions online so can anyone help with location of this screenwash fuse?