Jaguar XJ , The end of Style

With the Jaguar XJ cancelled , it seems that will be the last for me .,
would have been anyway with it being electric .
Have no interest in SUVs .
Why is it that style means nothing anymore .

It has to do with taste, or lack of it. And the melted ice cream cone is in, for now. All look-alikes, even the most expensive. The Japanese are adding all sorts of creases and contours that have nothing to do with anything except to shock you or disgust you.

Maybe I am just used to high style .
Have just sold a 63 Austin Healey 3000 BJ7 and a 61 Jaguar Mk 11 .
Our XJL Portfolio and our XK convertible continue with that trend .
As you say , good taste and style has gone out the window .

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I’ll bet it’s a shame to see these beauties go, but that is life. Lots of good stuff still out there, and even some of the new offerings.

The sad fact is that Jaguar made its name making beautiful sedans and sports cars, but now hardly anyone wants a sedan or a sports car. We live in a world where Jaguar, Porsche, and even Lamborghini all make SUV’s and those are best sellers. Haven’t seen the Aston Martin one yet on the street, but it’s coming. :face_vomiting:
Armageddon is here.
One can only put so much style onto what ultimately is a tall, truck-like station wagon.