Jaguar xj6 Interiors-How many years used the same seats?

I have a 73 XJ6 that is in great shape body-wise, but the interior has seen better days. I am curious as to how many years used essentially the same seating, and if later cars had seats that would just bolt right in. Any and all help from ‘experts’ on here would be greatly appreciated. Many later models can be had for reasonable prices, but they would have to fit fairly easily. Many thanks in advance.

I think you will find all S1 and S2 seats are identical ( within marque and barring early cars without headrests) and S3 cars seats varied according to spec, but all will bolt straight in. Some S3 cars had electric adjustment; obviously that would need wiring in if you wanted that feature, but I believe the mounting points are the same. If originality is an issue, you may need to check colour combinations are compatible with exterior paint.

That is great! So glad to have this site handy and find out what we need to know to keep these cars going. I take my hat off to you and give thanks for the prompt response. Perhaps at some point I can return the favor. All the best!

OldJagNut is correct. All seats through 1987 Sere is III should bolt right in. I think some later III’s had a power backrest adjustment.
I had the same problem with my '72 Series 1. The seats were not in terrible shape. I just hated the low backs of the front seats and the comfort level. Rather than look for a Series II or III replacement, I opted to convert to seats from an "90 XJ40. They definitely do not bolt right in and required some mods to make them fit. All mods were done to the seats themselves and not the car so I can always go back to the originals if needed. I removed the power bases from the front seats and fabricated an adapter frame that used the original slides. The XJ40 seats bolt to the adapter using the same holes. The power seat back works but the fore aft adjust is manual. I had to cut down the length of the seat skirts to clear the track slides and that is the only mod to the seat. The rear seat is a whole other story to lengthy to get into here.
The bottom line is, for me at least. the effort to modernize the seating was well worth the comfort gained. And they look great too, if you are not a purist. Hey, at least I stuck with Jaguar XJ seats. that has to count for something.

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in fact this is a quite crucial question: in the driver’s seat with the steering wheel n my hands I feel very comfortable in the early SII seats, while in the passenger’s seat (in better shape than the driver’s seat, btw) I feel a bit unhappy due to the low shoulder line …

This again was a Sir Lyons’ feature - seat backs shouldn’t be visible through a side view of the car! This goal had to be sacrificed with the advent of head rests anyway, but still all Jaguar XJ series seats feel “low” at the shoulders for todays’ standards.

So, yes, up to SIII seats (with lumbar control and a less than necessary height control) all series Jag seats will drop in, but I doubt that any noticeable “better” feel will come with that, unless you go for XJ40 or later seats.

That being said, the series Jaguar seats make for wonderful companions on 4 hours + travelling experience.

Good luck


75 XJ6L 4.2 auto (UK spec)

That is just fine with me. I bought the car for the 4.2 engine and trans, and then, upon looking, I just can’t see myself robbing it, as the car and body are in amazing shape for the year. The only flaw is the boot lid, as it has a nice, large dent in the top right corner. I think it would easier to find a replacement boot lid. What is amazing is when these cars hit the scrapyards, they have no value, and in one instance, I removed a Nardi wheel for the princely sum of 50 dollars. All I need is a decent set of front and back seats. The rest, well, just not that important.

I think the rear bench fouls some door cards, or the vdp rear seats do it, but fronts should be the same. XJ40 with modifications.
The lid is easier to replace I think.

Interesting. Somewhere around 87 or 88 or so, the seats in the XJ-S changed, the newer ones would not fit in an earlier car, the mount spacing changed. I wouldn’t think the seats in the XJ-S shared much with those in a saloon, but perhaps the mountings are similar? And changed with the introduction of the XJ40?

Thanks, will keep that in mind. I miss hitting the junk yards, and when it thaws out and the virus thing subsides, I can return to my days as a youth scouting the yards.

My thanks for your input, and weather permitting, I will begin the hunt for seats in better condition. It is sad in a way that more people did not care for the leather, or had no knowledge of how to keep it supple. I have had many cars, both new and used, and the leather held up very well. Of course, for the most part, my cars were mainly garaged and kept out of the sun.

Kirbert; ‘former owner of an 83 xjS’? Are you still a Jagist? I am now toying with number 4; a 2006 XKR for a very good price. I have no need, but it is a coupe and I like the looks. It is called the Victory Edition with huge wheels Have to go look tomorrow .Not too far from home.

XJ-S seats are a different breed of cat. They have to accommodate a much lower seating position then the XJ6. They have a much thinner cross section.

You are correct. The front seats are very similar once you remove the power base. The seat pan and the skirt is a little different. The inboard skirt on the series I - III seats are shorter that the outboard due to the track slide. The Xj40 seat skirts are the same length all around. The back seat is a little wider on the bottom cushion and a lot narrower at the top of the back. The bottom seat cushion is also a bit thicker than the older models. I had to do some major modifications the get the rear seats to fit but it was worth it… The biggest difference in the rear seats is the solid foam core as opposed to the wire / spring horse hair stuffing of the older seats.

Unfortunately, it is not only the leather always the problem. The foam cushions break down as well. They are easily obtainable. If the rubber bladder that supports the foam fails, that is a different story. Not so easy to get. Repairing and re-stuffing headrests is a joy. Kind of like trying to push a grand piano through a revolving door. A more expensive option is to recover the seats with new leather and new cushions. Finding good Series I-III seats is not easy these days. Its even getting hard to find XJ40 seats. You may have to buy a whole car just to get the seats.
I wish you the best of luck.

Thanks and I will take a cursory look at my usual ‘used parts stores’, and not overlook Ebay and Amazon, and Marketplace for a whole car. My find will need to wait for warmer temperatures to get some attention. I want to address the brake problem on the 92 XJS first and get that one on the road. Bought it, towed it home and put it in the building. Runs great, but no brakes.

Finding series 2 or 3 leather seats are still possible but maybe not from scrap yards. I saw a good set of S3 front+back seats on local face book market for AUD500 about 2 months ago. May need awhile until the suitable ones to pop out.
I make my own shoes so have a bit of experience with leather. A few products work magic on old leather, dry one, not cracked one. For general moisturizing, RM Williams cream can be use to bring back the softness of leather, but it needs weeks to work its full effect. Leatherique moisturizer works faster but also a lot more expensive.
I have a plan to redo my 71 xj6’ interiors, including all seats in leather and replace the vinyl parts with same leather material. In general, automotive grade leather is corrected grain. A local upholstery store gave a quote of 7000 before premium leather was considered. So I will do all leather work by myself with top grain antique calf skins from Italian tanneries.