Jaguar XJ8 Saved from being Scrapped



Hi all,
Newbie here but not new to Jaguar’s and based here in North Yorkshire, England, UK.
I recently bought this Jaguar XJ8 as a project. I oaid £525 for it. The car has 119k miles on the clock and has some corrosion issues and a misfire. The corrosion is to both front wheel arches and both rear wheel arches and the ends of each sill. The misfire is just a coil pack on the 3.2L V8, so nothing major.
All the electrics work and the only thing to sort there is the driver’s seat module only works in he recline direction. So, I have had a good look at the sagging headlining whilst I was led back!
If anyone is interested? I have posted a video on YouTube showing the car after a brief wash down. Videos of welding and other repairs will follow in due course. I can post if link if that is allowed?
The Ministry of Transport test certificate expired in 2022 and the car was parked up on a small holding near a big pile of horse 5h1t, some caravans and a conifer tree. I want the car on the road for spring so my faithful business partner Chas my German Shepherd and I can go on a ride out a gander in the fresh North Yorkshire countryside and for fish and chips lunch!
All the best to all for 2024!

Welcome to the Jag-Lovers forum, Jon. Looks like you got yourself a real bargain. With a little work, you should end up with a lovely car.

Hi Graham, Thanks. Yes, I reckon I have. I will be covering some if not all of the work on YouTube because it seems to me that the Jaguar XJ in all forms is enjoying renewed interest globally so it may help other and I maight learn a thing or two also? Best regards, Jon.

I await your posts, here and on YT, avidly.

There is a guy on youtube called JayP cars who is going though the same issues as yourself should you be interested. He is also learning to weld!

Hi Andy,
Yes, I have seen his videos and have left a useful comment for him. The difference between JayP and me is that I am not “learning to weld”, I own a welding business. In that capacity, I repair MoT failures, do part bodywork repairs for a truck repair centre, repair plant machinery, digger buckets, farm machinery, make gates, railings, racking and whatever else needs welding. I have put a link to my Jaguar XJ8 video below.

Hi Graham,
I have put a link to the video in a reply to AndyK below.