Jaguar XJS spare part help

Dear all. I have joined the forum as we are in desperate need of some advice.

My wife bought a beautiful Jaguar XJS 4.0, 1994 model, back in 2016. Since then, it has run flawlessly, except for one flat battery, but recently has developed a problem with the clutch.

We took it to a garage who said that the master cycling, clutch FTE needs replacing (CBC9742). However, they, and we, are having no luck in locating one.

I wondered if anyone might be able to give us some pointers as to where we might try next? We’ve exhausted the search results on google, and all local dealers/garages.

Many thanks. Dan

Maybe sng?

This XJS clutch master cylinder on U.K. eBay (223291852950) will fit - your garage would just need to modify the pipe leading to the clutch slave cylinder.

I have no affiliation with the seller of this item.


Confused me for a tad. Master clutch cylinder

It also helps us to know your location. We are spread world wide!!! . .

Welcome aboard.

Try Paul’s Jaguar…he’s in Florida.

I take it that is one of the manual tran models, as in the U.K.? :confused: