Jaguar xk 150 balance damper

Hello guys, is there any one how change the balance damper for an upgrade and still have the old one laying around, then I am very interessed in buying that from you.
I destroyed the balance damper, because it was difficult to dismantled from a 1958 engine.
Thanks in advance.

Ouch, A little late now, but these pull easier with a conventional harmonic balancer puller that pulls on the hub rather than this gear puller. Maybe you can at least get the value of the core charge out of it if you buy a rebuilt one.

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Throw that piece of crap in the bin and use an XJ6 one.

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NOO! WAIT! Oops. Too late. I winced as soon as I saw the 2-jaw puller.

What country are you in? There are guys reading this in the four corners of the flat-earth globe.

Ha, ha. And I understand King Arthur tried a round table but the food kept sliding off. :wink:

Ok seriously, I had my damper rebuilt by Damper Doctor in California, but there are others in the US and Europe that can do it. Search harmonic balancer damper rebuilders.

Bada bing! It’s the Catskills, all over again! :slight_smile:

Rob, there is a serious design fliore with these dampers, the rubber is in tension.
All modern high RPM dampers have the rubber in compression,the worst that can happen is the outer ring “slips”.
I’ve seen the damage these can do, would never use a rebuilt one.

I inquired with them. Their price was $100.00 more than a new one plus the ship both ways, another $35.00. XKs had their 15% off sale and it traveled free in a box filled with other goodies. Too good to pass up.

Sometimes rescuing the old part just doesn’t make sense.

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Hi guys, so no Damper lying around? Well I made a jock, the rubber was gone anyway. There is a guy here in Holland who has one for me, so problem solved.
Painted the engine and powercoated the the plugs, two missing, and the JAGUAR, very nice to do.

I have a couple of them, but was waiting for a response as to what country you are in. Probably not economically viable to ship them internationally.

Thanks Mike, I bought one over here in the South of Holland and picked up lots of parts from Sng.Barrett for the engine.
Later we drove to Belgium for the nice beers.