Jaguar XK Parts - "Doc" in Texas

Does anyone know or has dealt with “Doc” in Texas, USA for XK Parts? Can’t seem to find him…


Your not by chance referring to Doc’s Jags in Phoenix, Arizona?

Bob K.

Thanks! I could have been wrong with the State!!
Do you have an address or contact for the Doc in Arizona?

A superficial Internet search should provide ample info about Peter “Doc” Scadron.

Info I wish I’d had before I dealt with him.

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One of two people to be thrown off this forum for abusive behavior.
In the slammer last I heard.

Wow. Some scathing stuff.

Not all Jaguar associations are honourable, apparently.

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He is specifically mentioned in a 2018 JCNA Journal article:

I was one of the lucky ones, I got “most of” my car back.

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Doc Scandron isn’t who I was inquiring about. I am well aware of him.
I was trying to find a “Doc” who is currently involved in supplying Jaguar XK parts. Thank you!

Why do you want to contact him ?

He has some XK parts I want to buy

you probably looking for mike mueller 512 4225508

Is he known as “Doc” ?

When I traveled to USA in 1988 hunting for my XK140, I visited TEXAS and recall (I think?) spending a few hours with an XK specialist selling cars, parts cars and parts.
He was in a large warehouse, with some surrounding non-undercover land in a commercial plot in I think Fort Worth, albeit I really cant be sure, but near Dallas.
I am sure he called himself Docs Jaguars (or similar), and I didn’t know then, but later related him to Doc Scadron based on being an XK specialist with seemingly similar business practices as I was now hearing being similar to what I had assessed during my visit. BUT, I did not go to Arizona in this visit, indeed Arizona is a state I have never visited, which is now where everyone is saying Doc Scadron was based.
Mike Mueller although in Texas, is a 100% definately different person - and is definately NOT the same person nor premises I visited in Fort Worth - and indeed is mostly into E-types and not XKs (albeit owns also XKs)

So I am at a loss - who did I visit in Fort Worth that I recall calling himself Docs Jags (or similar), or did Doc Scadron have two premises/locations at same time or at different times…

He had locations in Arizona and Illinois. Nothing in Texas that I’m aware of.

Mike Mueller is I believe a heart surgeon (doc) in Texas.

Somebody ought to tell Dr. Mike Mueller not to advertise himself as simply “doc dealing in Jag parts”, which is a tremendous red or black flag :pirate_flag: here, but change it to Dr. Mike or something.

I don’t believe Mike advertises at all. Karl probably did not know that Doc would be associated with the Doc in AZ that we know and love.

In the old days, I had met the now infamous Doc Scandron and quickly figured out that he was a scoundrel! Enough of him!
I was trying to find the current day “Doc” who sells Jaguar parts. Anyone?

Did you have to “bid on it?”


No, but what he described as 95% was more like 60-70%. Lots of expensive parts missing. But he did deliver it and all the matching-numbers bits were there, hence the reason I consider myself one of the lucky ones.

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