Jaguar XK Parts - "Doc" in Texas

I am amazed at how confused all of this got for something so simple!
to start with
I will start with I think Roger was an 1989 visitor as he spoke to me after my Nov dec 1988 trip looking for info places to go etc.
In those early days everyone finished up at
Ed West’s Jaguar graveyard in Texas town? He did have 3 alloy XK120’s in November 1988 670003 670120 and ?? there and eventually “Big Jim Bryne” with the help of Gavin King extracted everything from there to the Phillipines say 5-6 years ago the alloy 120’s had already gone.
I first met Doc Scadron at the JCNA Biennial concour at Milwaukee in 1989 my second trip hunting jaguar’s with a cheque book and camera in the America’s.
Doc who I believe lived in the vicinity at time and in theory had been a Stockbroker in NY was actually quite knowledgeable on Jags and was very much into originality and in fact pushed the JCNA to have an originality/preservation class. He was certainly collecting and buying and selling XK’s at the time, he was one of these chaps who was overly friendly and kept in touch chasing historical info on cars he was buying and selling. He did go to XK50 in the UK.
Next he turned up with the big resto/sale place in Dallas
Yes things went to sour to an amazing level and not sure why and I know most of the stories and have copies of official bankrupty paperwork etc. Police reports on certainly one alloy.
Certainly there were a couple of alloy XK120’s projects that became a disaster and in some very small respect people sending cars to him who never visited to see how their cars were going let things get even more out of hand the full details will be in our Alloy XK120 book detailing the histories of each and every car to the last detail. The same problems have occurred in the UK with alloys as well.
Mike Mueller who I had been in contact with prior I first met in person in August 1987 at the big XK auction in Buffalo and was certainly collecting Jaguars mainly early E types and it was only recently that it was noted he was actually selling rare parts to people and I am sure doesn’t advertise it.
Another company that everybody finished up back in the late 1980’s early 1990’s was Georg Bentley in Louisiana and fairly sure Roger finished up there as well?

Sabrina gave me a name and a telephone number : mike mueller 512 4225508
Is that good? I’d like to call him tomorrow if possible.

here is the extraction of some of the XK’s from Ed West’s Jaguar graveyard in Texas by BMT of the Philippines


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So, why were all those derelict XKs shipped to the Philipines? Were they ever seen again?

Don’t ask Nick, an Australian owner/principal equivalent of Doc Scadron taking advantage of Philippines labor costs and relatively lax legal system…
I spent a full week in the Philippines at the ‘restoration/rebirthing’ premises, on a paid consultancy basis…

glad we still have you around, irreplaceable to illuminate some detailed matters :rofl:

dude I know made a lot of money exporting mainly Toyota Landcruiser parts to Nigeria, until they experienced a “business problem” to which he was going to fly over and attend, but became convinced that would be “imprudent”

Well that was an interesting rabbit hole to go down.
This looks like the business in the Phillipines, can see at least one of those XKs in this article, many more similar articles…

Byrnes Motor Trust Restoration

And this appears to be the business founder, in more recent times…

Much more if you go looking! :frowning_with_open_mouth:


I didn’t expect anyone to google “Big Jim Byrnes”
I sold him an XK120 one an interesting exercise and car is currently in the UK with alloy body now.
certainly the building still contains many cars and there are armed guards on the doors! to stop anyone getting in with everyone arguing over who owes who what with BJB believed to owe a lot!
The stupid thing if run properly it had a great potential ie very cheap labour that in fact has a reasonable skill level if managed properly.

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yes where are you calling from and about what time ? mike

Pics from TM are of Wes Clark’s place in TX I believe - not Ed West. Some 9 forty foot containers of Jaguar stuff went to the Philippines from Clark. I have never heard of Mike Mueller referring to himself as “Doc” and he would be mortified to think he had been confused with Peter “Doc” Scadron. Mike was indeed a cardiac surgeon and does not advertise or even have a website. See his stunning book re E Type originality written with Dr Tom Haddock - Dalton has it, in about its third printing.

There is a history of the Jim Byrnes’ business in the Philippines in “The Jaguar XK140 in the Southern Hemisphere” (which, despite the name, covers all of Asia, Africa and the Middle East) - www, Almost all the XKs came from the USA.


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Wes Clark’s jaguar graveyard in Texas

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