Jaguar XK120 Throttle Stop

just to fiddle with what was “as from the factory”…
SB112 October 1952 stated: “Cars scheduled for export are fully wired for flashing indicators and have relay units fitted. Owing to shortage of
supplies Tung-Sol unit part number 241D is not included for certain countries, and it is the responsibility of the
Distributor to ensure that unit is obtained locally and fitted prior to delivery.” (my note…so some cars, for some countries would have been dispatche without the 241D fitted.)
also re Headlamps: “Messrs Joseph Lucas Limited will in future supply a conversion set part number 553962 to enable
British type head lamps to be converted for the use of U.S.A. type sealed beam units. These conversion sets will
also be obtainable from Lucas Electrical Services of New York and Los Angeles.” (my note: so from factory would not have been converted.)
And racing windscreens and cowls were supplied with SE OTS (not installed) until Sep '53 SB133.
And…the much disussed travel spares kit for UK cars…SB122A.

and…rear reflectors and modified tail lamp lens with built in reflectors SB150A: 1st October 1954 for all cars to be provided with two rear reflectors." Cars supplied on and after that
date were to have reflectors “incorporated in the glass of the tail lamps”. There was a detailed set of 7 criteria for
the reflectors to meet (distances, etc.). Details were provided for fitting reflectors to all past models. They were to
be obtainable from Jaguar spare parts departments. The part no. for the XK120 was C.8746 (Lucas type RER 5)
with self tapping screw. They were to be fitted to the boot lid, with the hole 1 3/8" in from the edge and 3 1/4" up
from the bottom edge of the boot. They were approximately in line with the bottom line of the rear license plate.
just interesting notes…to “as when dispatched from the factory”.

A limited number of the Throttle Stops have been made and I will be shipping them out in the next few days. Please let me know if you want one as this current batch is small. A lot has to do with the limited availability of the correct 1/4" BSF BEES Bolts!

For those of you who have ordered one of these Throttle Stops, they will be shipped out by USPS Priority Mail on Monday. Please let me know when you receive yours. Thank you.