Jaguar XK140 FHC

Hello folks,

I am converting an XK140 FHC from LHD to RHD. I have swopped the steering rack around but now need to produce some holes in the bulkhead for the steering column and pedals. Would anyone have a template for these holes?


How about taking a ‘rubbing’ from the existing holes and transferring them over?


Have you checked the Forum archives for this information? (Click on the spyglass icon top right hand corner of the page). A chap called Roger who posts frequently on his restoration of a 140 DHC converted his car from LHD to RHD and I seem to recall there was some discussion of this issue.


This is what I used .

Hi Chris,

I’ve replied to your pm - but the gist of my reply is that I’m not sure if the DHC and FHC would be the same, and my car is a DHC. Jim’s work is all good and he is a very helpful chap - I would use his dims as posted above. He’ll also be able to advise on the other elements of the conversion I mentioned in my pm.

Hope it goes well,


Regarding LHD to RHD conversions…

OTS and DHC are vitually the same in all respects and detail, apart from minor implication re thickness and steering column cut-out on the timber dashboard versus leather dashboard. Certainly the bulkhead sheetmetal aspects are the same.

FHC is however totally different re all body aspects, including bulkhead sheetmetal. The actual rack and pinion conversion is the same, but not much else. You really need details from someone who has properly and fully done a FHC LHD to RHD conversion…

…which is rather as I suspected, thanks Roger. I would take Roger’s advice and get information from someone who has converted a FHC.

Many thanks everyone for your help so far. I have a completely stripped down vehicle other than the fact it rolls but want to do a dry build to make sure the conversion (LHD to RHD) works before I embark on metal replacement and paintwork.

Please keep your responses coming in and I will post some pics as and when.


I would say that when I dismantled my (still LHD then) DHC, the pedals were by no means centralised in the bulkhead holes, one being just 1mm away from an edge. The body had never been removed from the chassis. That is one reason why I chose to dummy rig the pedals and stems to ensure my planned holes would work whilst I was doing early metalwork. That said, there is a lot of leeway in the way the pedals and stems are assembled.