Jaguar xk150 S or SE

Brand new here looking forward to making some great friends in the Jag world. I have read there were a few SE made to S specifications. I am looking at one that was restored and sold in 2001 and it had and still does have the S trimmings with the VS gold motor. How can I verify if it was built that way or someone swapped motor prior to 2001. Vin S830436DN
VS 1027-9
Thanks for the help just looking for an above average driver

A Heritage Certificate from Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust would verify the original build spec, but they require proof of ownership so you have to own it first to get one. Too many crooks around I suppose.
That chassis number was built in May 1958.
That engine serial number should be stamped in front of the front spark plug and on the flat shelf where the oil filter head is attached to the block.
Then I suppose you could look for the cylinder head casting number on the underside around the middle on the exhaust side.
C12500 is 3.4 non-S and C12600 is 3.4 S.
Others on this forum are more expert on the 150 and will know more about trimming details.

Do you have an ID plate on the Left side of firewall which states all the mechanical and body numbers Similar to picture. [ picture is an E type] The engine and chassis numbers seem to blend in nicely with cars built before and after yours.

Welcome to the Forum. You will find valuable info here…experts from around the world, I hope you acquire a nice XK. Ask all the questions you want to.

Yes it has one I will just need to verify if it is real or repop. I have a picture of it but can’t see it very well. Thank You for your help.


The 9th of only 9 Left Hand Drive 2+2 actually built in 1965, and the 18th 2+2 built overall including RHD cars going by body number.

Yes Roger I was amazed, the 9th car made, I went to help the owner start the car. its in fabulous condition in Nanaimo Vancouver Island.

ahh a potential new member? for Pacific NW Jaguar Drivers and Restorers Club (Seattle Jag Club)

Absolutely I think my friend John Voigt just joined.

I saw the heritage cert on the car that matches the vin and motor number. Vin starts with an S and not T but says it is a 150 S. I thought all S models started with T and SE with an S but doesn’t seem to be the case all the time???

Chassis numbers for 150 started originally with no letter, just numbers, these were cars which were not special equipment [SE]. No one really knows how many of these non SE cars were made or if they exist. Very early production started in March /April 1957
Later they started with the letter ‘S’ to signify SE for ALL models, however this S included 150S models, this continued until about August 28 1958 for the ots model when they decided to change the ‘S’ to a ‘T’ for all triple carburetor models.
Hope this makes a bit more sense to you.
Your 150 S was manufactured before they introduced the T.
What are your numbers, and manufacture date.

Thanks Morris S830436 DN

May 13 1958