Jaguar xk8 1996 Engine Ecu problems

Hi from Turin, my name’s Lawrence , I own an XK8 1996, I think one of the first VINs SAJJGAED4AR004280
Ecu Engine type number LJA1410AK
Type number Denso 079700-6513
Description Problem The engine always starts, no prolonged starting, after a few seconds the idle becomes irregular at the top and bottom with respect to the normal operating idle, sometimes it switches off, not always…in acceleration during travel there is a jagged and Sometimes it turns off but always starts again. When changing from P to N then D appears on the MOTOR FAULT display, this always happens.
Fault codes P0340 Camshaft Position Sensor Circuit MAlfunction P1517 Park / neutral position (PNP) switch, cranking malfunction P1797 CAN data bus ECM ITCM malfunction
In the workshop told me that i have to change ECU.
How can I find a new ECU?
Thank you very much. Regards
Lorenzo Torresan 00393349607378

I don’t know if the ECU diagnosis is correct or not but if so, you’ll either have to send the ECU to a repair facility that will tackle these Denso units or find a used replacement on eBay or one of the specialist recyclers like DCR Autoparts who specialise in XK8/XKR.

If you get a replacement you will need to make sure that you can reprogramme it. You will need something like Jaguar IDS or WDS as the replacement will have to matched to other modules in the car involved in the immobiliser etc. Some Jaguar dealers may still have the software to do the job but many can’t now as the vehicle is too old.

Before replacing the ECU, it might be worth having a look inside because there are some electrolytic capacitors that can leak onto the circuit board and if this happens this is known to cause all kinds of issues. I have arrowed them in the picture.

Many thanks Eric…i’ll check with the workshop.