Jaguar XKE Model year

My heritage certificate shows my Jaguar XKE OTS car was built on June 29, 1962 but my current title says it is a 1963 model. I asked the Trust and they only confirmed the build date on the certificate was correct.
I would appreciate any thought on the subject.

Perfectly normal. No different than American cars that are built in one year and titled as the next.

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Jaguar never used “model years” in those days A '62 and a '63 are likely virtually identical. Your car would be a '62 since that’s when it was made.

Tweety was titled as a ‘63, and was dispatched from the factory in November, 1962.

Ruby has a build date of November 15, 1966 and a dispatch date of January 2, 1967. Needless to say she is titled as a 1967. Hagerty considers her a 1966.


Huh, in what way would Hagerty use it? I don’t have my certificate but based on my chassis number the build date is around 10/63, but it has a J64 tag and to my knowledge has always been titled as a 64. Is it not legally a 64? That’s what shows up in my Hagerty policy profile too.

Back in the '60s, foreign cars had no concept of “model year”, only build date. Most places in the US, the “model year” on the title or registration had nothing to with when the car was built, but was instead the date the vehicle was first titled, sold, or registered with the state. The exact meaning of the date on the title depends on the state in which the vehicle was first sold or registered, as each state handles its own vehicle registrations.
There was no Federal standard regarding model years until emissions standards came along in the mid-60s. You will often see cars with “model years” a year, even two, AFTER its build date. Here in California, the DMV even attached a small stamped metal plate next to the ID plate that gave the “model year”, which was the date of first sale.

Ray L.

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When I signed up for a Hagerty policy they asked for my car number (VIN) and then said I had a 1966 E-Type. I said no, it has 1967 on the title. They said no, it is a 1966 according to their database even though it didn’t leave Coventry until 1967.


I think that the state may decide what the year to put on the title as my car was built in August of 1963, and titled as a 1964. Interesting that the car was delivered in France, metric speedo etc, it was in California by late 65.

That’s so odd. The only thing I can think of is that they started handling it this way long after my policy was created. Mine’s over 10 years older than yours so they likely never applied it retroactively. I wonder if they got their build date list right from Heritage?

My 1965 coupe has a build date of 08/24/65, dispatch date of 09/02/65.
Does dispatch date mean release date from factory? Originally went to Canada dealer. Has the made in England tag, a bit crooked, mounted with rivets.

Hi Ray,
Same as my experience with 4 1960s Jags originally first registered in California. It explained why my FHC is titled as a 1964 model with a July 4, 1963 build date and my OTS is a 1963 model with a December 9, 1962 build date. I love the heritage certificates!
And one thing we know about data bases, especially old ones, is that they are likely to have inconsistencies.

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One thing that can be a problem with Jaguar build records is that they were hand written and sometimes hard to decipher . That was a major complaint of Charlie Morgan who used to do the the USA Heritage Certificates.

Mine: Keel laid on June 27, 1966. That’s what I tell people and put on the show cards. '66.

Titled, registered, insured as a 1967 'cause y’know… paperwork.

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I bought a 1953 MGTD a few years ago. The receipt from a Pontiac dealer in FL in 1960 shows it changed hands as a '54 even back then. (sold for $174.00, paid $1.74 sales tax!). They didn’t build TD’s in 1954.

My serial # was 29350, 100 from the end of production, August, '53.

NC DMV corrected it for me.

My 2005 AMG C55 was built in June 2004 and registered the first time in my name in 2006. That’s gonna be a fun one for Hagarty to handle when it qualifies for historic registration in 2004, 2005 or 2006.

Salvete Amatores Catorum Velocium,

My 3.8 OTS is commission number: 880568. Best I can tell studying similar commission numbers, my car was built in mid-November, 1963. The VA DMV registered it as a 1964, taking the year from the previous MO title which likely took it from the original registration. My vintage VA plates are 1964. I’ve always referred to it as a 1964. Hagerty has it as a 1964, but now says it might be better referred to as a 1963 and I should “look into it” with the DMV.

I realize in the 1960’s car “years” were more fluid and sometimes you are basically stuck with what they originally called it when it was new. But for the record, is my car “officially” a 1963, or a 1964? If Hagerty and the DMV currently match, should I consider changing it, or just “let sleeping dogs lie?” I also don’t want to create confusion if I were to ever sell the car.

I’m thinking best to keep things as they are, but I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts…


Mine is 880342. I think the build date was early Nov 63. Assuming you have the '64 model year interior without aluminum, it’s a 64. The day it rolled out of the factory isn’t the day it landed or sold or was titled. Mine also has a CA J64 landing tag as another data point.

Thanks for the greeting!

All those years at a Jesuit high school weren’t all for naught!


The UK never used model years for cars until perhaps around '67-'68 when it was realized that more cars could be sold if they had a “snob value” registration of the following year.

So around August-September of '67 the registration letter was issued for the next year.

Before then, there were no yearly updates or models. So the car in question would be '63.

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