Jaguar xtype surprise (Leapers)

(J-Dub'R) #1

New but not, reside in Alberta and soon to upgrade slight on the white x-type sports 2.5 Jaguar 185k but it’s in miles 120mi maybe ish no sun roof:

Any thoughts the upgrades?
Already got this coming:

*Head lights upgrade
*Andriod Dash Touch screen/
*New speakers
*Upgrade interior all black
*Interior lights upgrade soft white
*Side doors light illuminated Jaguar logo
*Under hold parts minor upgrade
*New slight thread tires (:grin:)
*Steering column and alignment upgrade
*Engine swap or Convert to Bi-hybrid
*Auto start button upgrade
*Converted hard top (it’s possible)
*Upgrade muffler & silencer rear pipes
*Suicide doors (rear doors)

(Mark James) #2

Wow! I wanna see some of it when or as they get modded