I was just going to order some stuff on the Jaguar classic parts website, when suddenly a link I clicked was dead. I realoaded the website, just to find it has completely changed. My account is gone, and so is my order history. The shopping basket is gone, and, worst of all, all the prices have gone up!

Why didn’t I order a few minutes earlier…


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David Manners recently ruined their website as well.

Part of the great dumbing down …all for the sake of the “consumer” - (you know, the guy who only accesses the web with a “smart” phone).

Show me a product that has the word “smart” in it and I’ll bet it’s actually designed for folks who aren’t …

Oh well, lets get on to watering the crops with gatorade, sooner the bloody better.

For a complete list of the ways in which technology has failed to help mankind, press “1” now.




Harry …

used 30 minutes to understand i was in correct site…



Be thankful you are not driving in the UK where they have introduced “smart” motorways, doing away with the ‘hard shoulder’ which catered for vehicle breakdowns to create an additional lane in times of heavy traffic.

Who could have forseen the result?

We do have these “smart” motorways here in Germany as well. Not sure what they are called here, but not “smart”.

In Germany they are monitored by cameras and the hard shoulder is shut down for traffic as soon as a car brakes down. But I suspect that you do that to, as you have cameras on the motorway anyway…


Yes, it’s horrible… and very disappointing…