Jaguar's Oldest Dealership To Close

Jaguar’s oldest dealership in London is expected to closed soon. The dealership supplied cars to the Queen and serviced all of her Jaguars. Sad indeed.


Frankly, it’s more likely that customers aren’t prepared to no longer pay the exorbitant rates.
What price exclusivity ;o]

Well, that’s not good. :anguished:

He said: "The majority of dealers have been expected to invest considerably and upgrade their businesses to improve capacity, professionalism and appearance. This involves great financial investment and property expansion, and would have required us to move our location.

Any idea as to the specifics of what he is talking about? If THAT dealership can’t handle these changes, how many others can? :dizzy_face:

So I wonder which make Her Majesty will drive now – a Mini Cooper? :laughing:

That would be a bummer. Or actually a Bimmer. :slight_smile:

LOL. Hmmm … I think if I were a royal my second choice would probably be an Aston-Martin. :sunglasses: