Japanese import

I have just bought a Japanese import car. (I live in Wales uk.) A 2006 3 lt auto. Beautiful car but a few hiccups!!! The sat nav is a Japanese version. Can I just buy a new disc and change it to uk or do I need the whole sat nav changed. Radio frequency is wrong for uk but that doesn’t bother me.
Also the lights don’t flash when I lock the car and the panic headlight doesn’t work. I have to be close the the car for the remote to work. Any ideas anyone to my problems??!!! I owned a 2004 2.5 for many years so am familiar with the car.
It was made in the uk for the japanese market all control are in english. But manual in japanese which I now have on file in english.
Many thanks in advance

Hi Monina welcome to the forums.
I Have a Jap import X type and the radio was locked into the Japanese frequency range. There was a sequence of buttons that I could push which changed the display to show the 4 regions that the radio can select. Unfortunately the regions were greyed out and I ended up going to a club member who had the Jaguar Diagnostics tool and he was successful in unlocking the radio frequency that worked here in NZ
As far as the Sat Nav is concerned I personally just use google maps on my phone as they are always up to date.

All the settings can be changed with the appropriate diagnostic device. (WDS, IDS, SDD etc.)

Setup and Configuration in the diagnostic menu can change, add, delete, configure all sorts of things for many modules in the car.

When these cars were new I worked at the dealer here in Texas and I would try to get the new car owner in the shop to set all the things the way the customer wanted. (ie. mirror ‘dip’ in reverse, Daytime running lights, etc.)

Find someone with the hardware/software to configure your car.

Hi. Thanks for your replies. A few issues with the alarm… doesn’t seem to work!!! Once lockdown is over I’ll contact a specialist.