JCNA concours in SLO in Oct. -?


Hi all – Does ANYONE have any details about the possible JCNA/CalClubs
Concours d’ Elegance in San Luis Obispo CA in October? So far, I’ve heard
that it’ll be in conjunction with Jason Len’s annual XKs Unlimited event;
that it’ll be 11/12 October; that it’ll be 3/5 October; that it is a
sanctioned JCNA show; that it is NOT; that it’ll be at Jason’s house; that
it may be somewhere else; that it’ll be the every-two-years CalClubs event;
that it WON’T be.

Does ANYONE have solid info on this? My local (Sacramento Jaguar Club)
people and a bunch of my Internet friends NEED specific info as soon as
possible – clock IS running – one has to make hotel reservations, cover
for work, etc. – can’t do a JCNA concours with one week’s notice!

Hope someone can help – Larry Martz

There is every indication that Cal Clubs will happen at Jason Len’s XKU
open house Oct 11 & 12. There will be a JCNA sanctioned concours. To the
best of my knowledge the MAJORS and JAG SF are the host/co-host clubs.
They have been in touch with Jason and last I heard, everything was on
track. I will encourage them to get some official word to the area

Dick Cavicke