JCNA Membership

(Paul Wigton) #39

Resistive panels, AFAIK.

(paul spurlock) #40

Good luck if you get stuck in a snow storm for a few hours.

(Scott Johnson) #41

Glad I’ve provided you all with a launching pad for all sorts of fun conversational directions. :grin:

Meanwhile, I have gone ahead and joined the Illinois Jaguar Club and if I understand correctly, by association the JCNA.

(D Barnes) #42

Actually the tool loan program is probably worth the dues all by itself if you have a car that will need any of them.

68 E-type FHC

(Scott Johnson) #43

That was my initial reason for interest in JCNA. I’m going to need the rope seal sizing tool in a few months.

(69 FHC ) #44

That and their discount on publications, plus some vendors give discounts to JCNA members, plus the Jaguar Journal. Not to mention affiliate club activities if that’s your interest.

(Geo Hahn 1969 Series 2 OTS) #45

I believe our local JCNA affiliate has such an arrangement - IMO it is something of a two-edged sword.

It build membership numbers but may also skew the participation heavily towards new car owners - to the point of squeezing out vintage car drivers.

For me it is just more fun to be on a tour with a group of vintage British cars be they Jaguars, Triumphs, MGs, Healeys or whatever.

Of course the best of both worlds is the Oil Leak with E-Types as far s the eye can see.

(Pascal G) #46

We Never had the issue with too many new Jaguar owners squeezing the classics. They rarely attended any event and few renewed.

(paul spurlock) #47

Ironically Autoweek has an article on the subject, just arrived in my inbox. The headline and link: How much does cold weather cut electric vehicle range? Quite a bit, AAA study finds

At 20 degrees F, AAA’s five tester EVs lost an average of 41 percent of their range

Read more: https://autoweek.com/article/green-cars/how-much-does-cold-weather-cut-electric-vehicle-range-quite-bit-aaa-study-finds#ixzz5fFCOpxVg


(j limongelli) #48

Ask our friends in the Triumph, MG,MGA,HEALEY and Jensen club just to name a few.
They attached to our club because when the company died , so did the cars…
Plus its nice to see some fresh faces without the internal politics.
Scott enjoy the club and your adventure!
Its a fun ride…ever in New York look me up we do runs to the beach and twin forks on a regular basis.

(Scott Johnson) #49

Joey, if I ever make it to Long Island, you’re the first person I’ll call. :smile:

(paul spurlock) #50

I totally agree with that, the MG club in Connecticut where I used to live was more active and always invited Jags and Triumphs so we had lots of fun with them. One time I happened to drive by a VW club meet (who invited Audi also) so turned around and went in… I like VWs anyway and have owned about 7 of them. Anyway they were overjoyed to see the E-type and swarmed it instantly. Except for the hot rods that usually show up at drive ins etc. I’m up for joining any kind of classic car show. Old Fords with chrome Chevy engines don’t do it for me tho.


(j limongelli) #51

Agreed…We had the LARGEST gathering of tvr’s for about 4 years at our Concourse.
,Stags, Alpines …Our wives didn’t know what to make of them at the gate, now we all do dinner every once in awhile.
P.S. The Lotus Elan tail lights did wonders for my series 2 etype!
Good thread everyone.
Scott anytime.

(Pascal G) #52

JLR just announced a $4.4B loss in the 4th quarter… if they don’t turn this around quickly Jaguar could join the other British orphan brands

(69 FHC ) #53

Yes, threre’s a thread on that.

(bdragon) #54

I agree. Even if the brand new Jag owners don’t immediately appreciate the older models, in time they will. One of the big reasons the Porsche air cooled models (and even the front-engine ones to a much lesser extent) have been rising in values the past 5-10 years are because of all the new Porsche owners becoming interested in the old classic models.

If Jaguar is able to sustain success for the next 10 years (though this plan seems to have been dealt a heavy setback in the last quarter with that aforementioned staggering loss) then that same phenomenon should happen for the Jag community.

I admit it peeves me a bit to see 911’s selling for close to what E-types sell for, even though they were made in much higher numbers and have more surviving examples (probably by far.) All because there’s more interest, generated by an expanding base of membership for that marque.


(Terry Sturgeon) #55

To put Jaguars 4.4 US billon dollar loss in the last quarter of 2018 into perspective - 4 billion of that was write downs of plant, machinery, and capitalized development costs, so it’s not an operating loss.

(Les Halls 1968 S1.5 2+2 Atlanta) #56

So it was “only” a $400M loss then.

(PeterCrespin) #57

400k ? Round about what it costs to build a D replica then Les :slight_smile: And this is only the dry build to make sure everything fits. Then you have to take it to bits and put it back together with solid rivets instead of cleco clips and self-tappers.

I’m putting these nice wishbones on the E and will paint the scruffier ones from there black, as per original D.


(Les Halls 1968 S1.5 2+2 Atlanta) #58

Not $400k Pete…$400M…unless my arithmetic is up the creek, I am old after all!!