JCNA xk120 judging guide (rear view mirrors)

I just got my copy of the JCNA xk120 judging guide (+ CDROM update).
Fascinating reading material. I’m learning quite a bit.

Question: discussion of mirrors is on page 62, where it states there were 4 types C2887 (short, narrow convex)
C4097 (tall, narrow, flat, convex)
C4645 (short, medium width, oval and convex glass)
C5500 The text and photo on page 62 say: short, wider, flat glass. On page 63 it’s described as a tall stem and the subsequently as a short stem. I assume “tall” is a typo.

My car was very late 1954, and should have the C5500. But it came with a C4097. The height of C4097 prevented me from adjusting the mirror properly without the corner of the mirror contacting the windscreen (and scratching it). The only way I could use it was to put a spacer under the stanchion to tip it rearward and away from the windscreen.

I’ve currently got an adjustable stem XK140OTS mirror and I like it very much. It’s neither too tall or too short, and actually slightly usable with the hood up.

Anyone know if C5500 is avail as a repro?

Also related to this is where the center tonneau faster is located. The guide says before August 51 the forward/center tonneau fastener was part of the stanchion bolt. After 8/51 the forward/center tonneau fastener is on the sheet metal cowl beside the rear view mirror stanchion. I much prefer the earlier arrangement because you don’t risk scratching the paint next to the mirror every time you remove/install the passenger side of the tonneau. Despite having little interest in authenticity, I think the guide is a pretty interesting document and recommended to all xk120 owners.


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be VERY careful the 'guide ’ is just that… if you want authenticity… go to the two volume set by Urs Schmid… there you will find authenticity as opposed to guesswork.