Jd 232 tool needed

(alan duchovnay) #1

need jd 232 valve adjustment tool. please help

(Robin O'Connor) #2

Any photo? +20…

(motorcarman) #3

Are you wanting the tool like this??

S303-03 Valve Clearance Adjustment Tool.pdf (67.5 KB)


(alan duchovnay) #4

4.0 liter engine valve tool different
jd 232 is tool

(Mark Lee (Pay Pal Patron)) #5

Is this the tool you’re looking for?

(Neil Bennett. Patron) #6

Jaguar tools:

(Neil Bennett. Patron) #7


303-540 jaguar special tool

(Dick Maury) #8

JCNA has a number of this tool available for loan to JCNA members or Coventry Foundation Patrons. Only cost is shipping. To do this job, you will also need the JD233.

(alan duchovnay) #9

greatly appreciated.
next step. Join?

(Dick Maury) #10

If you go to the JCNA site www.jcna.com and look at the tool loan section, it explains it all and how it works. If you are not a member, you can sign up then. Most all of the specialized tools are available from the new cars on back to some pre-war tools. There are also tool catalogs available for download to make sure you get what you need.

(Robin O'Connor) #11

JD233 looks to have an airline fitting, does it apply pressure to depress the valvebucket?

(Dick Maury) #12

The shims are about the size of the top of the tappet. The tool pushes down the tappet on the edges. The blower is to get the shim loose.

(Robin O'Connor) #13

What’s wrong with a good old shove with a screwdriver :slight_smile:

(alan duchovnay) #14

thank you for time. signed up. waiting for reply and dues request.

(Robin O'Connor) #15

No dues required, this is a free forum, however you can make donations to help the hard working admins keep the system running smoothly. I don’t believe there are any paid positions, just upkeep of the hardware and systems.
You will see next to a listers name whether they contribute or not, Mine is a measly $2.00 month and I would mention that there is no stigma attached if you do not feel inclined to donate, you will receive just as good advice either way.

(alan duchovnay) #16

Have joined. Would like to initiate tool loan please

(Robin O'Connor) #17

Hi Alan, Jag-lovers do not have a tool loan operation. This is handled by the US JCNA (?) and I think there is a similar operation in the UK

(Mark Lee (Pay Pal Patron)) #18

the tool loan is through JCNA Tool Loan Program

You’ll be putting a healthy deposit down on the tool, then when you return it, you’ll get most of the deposit back. some is taken out for shipping.

The tool isn’t something you can sit on either. (speaking from experience). I “borrowed” a tool to set the preload on an IRS hub assembly; and the parts took forever to arrive (in order for me to use the tool). I had to send the tool back before I got a chance to use it to set the preload. Off to Plan B.

(alan duchovnay) #19

Not sure why I got this

(Mark Lee (Pay Pal Patron)) #20

I thought you were inquiring about the tool loaner program through JCNA. This is where you start. I read the thread, and I didn’t see anywhere that you were successful on acquiring the tool via the loan processes.
The tool is available If you want to purchase it (also)