JDHT XJ-S 5.3 Litre CD can no longer open PDF files



years ago I bought the above CD (JHM 1146 version 1.1). I did not use it for quite a while but now tried to open and the CD can not “Autorun”. I manually tried to open the PDF files but I get an Adobe error message. I tried on two laptops. I always operate the latest Adobe version on my computer. Did anybody had the same issue? Any suggestion how to get access?


(Steve) #2

This is your problem. I discovered the latest and the greatest is the killer. Now have a separate, dedicated PC ($25 from Craiglists) that runs windows XP and Adobe Reader 6.
Everything works as intended.

(Paul M. Novak) #3

There have been many posts on Jag-Lovers over the past several years where owners of the JDHT CDs had problems with them. I think.it had to do with the copyright protection scheme that was used.

I am a strong believer in the hard copy technical documents for my Jaguars and stayed away from the digital format for exactly this reason.


(Andrew Waugh) #4

What is the error message?

I copied the .pdfs off all the JDHT CDs I have years ago and put them on my hard drive, NAS, and USB keys (mine are all from before the implementation of the .pdf copyright protection scheme was implemented). I have had no problems opening them with Microsoft systems from xp up to windows 10.

(Steve) #5

Perhaps you have a different version of the CD-ROM. Mine is protected and even making an image doesn’t seem to work, let alone copying files.

It works only from the CD and only on the dated PC running XP


Thanks all. It seems that the common opinion is that I would need to run this CD on an old PC/Laptop. OK - do not have that so do I really need to buy one to read my legit acquired CDs? Quite odd…
I tried to copy them as Andrew suggested but the same as “sbobev” commented: No such luck! I can not copy the pdf files. Seems the files are protected.
I wonder whether JDHT would not address this issue as I am probably not the only one.
To make matters worse: I also purchased a CD for E-Type: Same problem.

Thanks for all the feedback


(Paul M. Novak) #7

Have you searched the Jag-Lovers archives yet? I have watched this JDHT CD problem come up from time to time on some of the lists and I don’t remember JDHT ever offering a fix. The unusable JDHT CDs sitting on a shelf in my office are one of the reasons that I went to hard copy documents. But I do prefer to use the hard copies while working in my garage and researching parts.

If you decide to take some action please post your results as I suspect that others would like to use their JDHT CDs again.


(JimD in Alabama) #8

I ended up printing (from other source PDFs - - the JDHT ROM I had purchased was a bear to try to use) and putting a big binder together. Did the same with Kirby’s book.

I like the fact that I can let the computer search the PDFs while I am researching …and then will even print up applicable pages to have in the garage to get dirty. And keep my big binder copy somewhat clean


Paul, Jim

in hindsight I should have printed out the pdf files - but hey: Water under the bridge. I will see what I can find out and if successful I will post.

Paul: I checked the archives but was not successful. I am primarily interested in the MY 1990 Ignition circuit, the Fuel injection circuit, the climate control circuit and the wire routing to and from the ignition switch.

(Steve) #10

There were/are places on the WWW where you could get “unlocked” PDFs.
I got a lot of them from captainjaguar before it shut down.
This is for MY 1989, but is probably fine for your 1990.
XJS_89_Elec_Guide.pdf (2.0 MB)


Thanks Steve. This is great help!!


(JimD in Alabama) #12

I found this website to be useful http://www.jagrepair.com/ for some manuals and info. I don’t know the gentleman that “maintains” the site but i downloaded many files - - and of course donated to help the site

There was another site I found about two years ago that was “for fee” download out of the U.K and I downloaded some stuff from them. At around $11.00 per manual it was worth while. IIRC you chose the file you wanted, paid with PayPal and then were sent a link that would download the PDF.



thanks. That is all I need! Perfect!