Jerry rigged wiring

Could anyone out there give me some tips on rewiring this and where everything should go. Thanks for any help

I highly recommend that you get a used wiring loom. is a good place, or ebay. The coil is very interesting but if it works, leave it. If you want it to look tidy get a black spray can and some tape for the water rail and some cloth insulating tape.
The wiring connectors are easy to work out for the most part but do come back for the coil if something is strange.

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And if you want to try replacing individual wires or keeping old ones, it‘s not worth the effort… chances are something is broken, and it’s not weil the time even if on a budget. I was very happy with a replacement loom after always suspecting issues with the somewhat doctored one and never getting it right.

let me check my parts car as see if i have that harness intact in good shape. it’s an 84 xj6.
i’d probably let you have it for the cost of shipping and a donation to the board.

That sounds good let me know what you find. Thank you

The only good thing I see in that picture is the red battery cable that is not attached to the battery post.



i have that injector harness in good nick. i can attach or send you a pic if you’d like.
you just need harness from the white-ish plugs near the firewall forward, right?
anything else of need?

What you must have, Janson - is the wiring diagram for the relevant loom. To connect or replace wiring without the guidance of the diagrams is highly fraught…:slight_smile:

Your picture reminds me of, years long past, making radios and stereos with good old radio tubes. It all worked, but boy, did it look messy…:slight_smile:

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

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Yes thank you a good picture of the ignition coil and and the area around the fuel injection. Did you happen to find that wiring harness ?

Maybe you want the harness that goes to the AC compressor and the oil sensors as well.
Around the front of the engine

sorry for the delay. was it the fuel injection harness you needed?
the engine was out of this car when i got it.

No sir. The wires that are screwed up on this one is to the ignition coil and I believe to the fuel pressure switch

Oil pressure sender and - switch. The lower harness that connects from below.
But do replace this one also, it looks gross. Actually, it looks better than Jays.

I am having trouble even getting spark to the ignition coil. I am not sure if wires are missing or I’m just not rewiring it right. I do know that power comes to the ignition coil from a white wire from the ignition switch. I am not sure if what I am using is right. The previous owner really screwed it up and had what looks like and ignition coil from a lawnmower which fried the ignition module which I replaced

Any help I could get would be much appreciated

Give me twenty minutes, I’ll make a few pictures.

Right on man thank you

Sorry - I have shrink tubing all over the place. Will try.

Maybe this helps. I have three connections on -, two on +. And a Crack. Mind that I moved the coil down.
On -, one must go to the ecu (via upper harness, bullet connector) and one to the tacho (spiral blue on white). On + probably the power, white. But I don’t know for certain; maybe I made a picture I can find.

I know the white wire on the + goes to ignition module but where does the black one you have come from

And does your have a a ballast resistor