JLers in the Tucson/Southern AZ area?

My wife, adult daughter and I are going to be spending the better part of the week of March 23 visiting an old friend and his wife in Green Valley, AZ. I just realized that I should try to meet up with a forum member or two while I’m there. I saw from a search that Geo (@Ahwahnee) is/was in Tucson. Anyone else?


Funny you should mention that!

Let’s all start a side PM, since I too, will be in Tucson that week, visiting my brother, in Marana.

@jagnweiner, @Ahwahnee

Really!!! That would be a thrill to meet the legendary Paul “Wiggy” Wigton and talk Jags, Auburns and RVs.

If you want to meet a few forum members in one place, come to the Starbucks on the NE corner of Grant and Swan on Tuesday morning from 6:30 to 10:00 am. The members of the Tucson British Car Register meet there every Tuesday morning.


Great! Sounds good. And 20

555 East Grant Road?

See ya all there!

I’m only a legend in my parole officer’s mind.


No, it’s 4811 E Grant.

There may also be a major Brit car event that week… our annual Le Tour des Garages.

If there isn’t an event, we’ll create one.

I will initiate a PM for all concerned when I am back in town on Monday. Currently at the big winter car show in Tubac.


Lucky guys. I dream of being able to drive my E up Mt Lemon. Has been about 10 years since I was in Tucson but I always spend an afternoon doing that drive when I am there. Between the scenery and airplanes Tucson is one of my favorite places.

68 E-type FHC

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If my wife weren’t opposed to the heat, I’d not mind moving there.

Tucson is at least a bit more…liberal… than elsewhere… I could deal with it!