John’s Cars quarterbreed kit

Does anyone who’s done this, can you tell me how the adapter plate is connected to the block?

Standard bolts? Allen head? Some other odd fastener?

Thanks in advance for your time

One of the other Carl’s

I’ve got a spare engine in the garage with a Johns cars adaptor plate mounted…let me get out to garage and see what pictures I can get you.



Hope this helps.


Thank You Gary!

I thought I would run into some odd torx or star pattern, but they are just 9/16"

Best Regards


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I am starting to fit a s/hand Quarterbreed kit to my XJ6 engine. I have a big box of bolts and nuts but do not have any assembly instructions… Any idea where I could find a whole set of instructions?
Thank you.

Here is the engine and in the background, the refurbished TH700.