John's cars still exist?

Does John’s cars still exist?

I tried emailing them twice but just get error message.

Think so …but look up website on net

Yep … what happened when you called them? :phone: Keep in mind that John only sells parts now (new and used) and does NOT service them anymore … He also seems to concentrate on selling his own “lump” kits for the V-12 vehicles, which is what I guess generates him the most $$ :moneybag: btw, what is it that you want to order from him? That would have to include $$ shipping to S. Africa, which I imagine is steep. With the total cost involved (his part prices are usually not exactly the lowest around, btw) I would think you could get the same thing(s) cheaper by going through a European vendor. :thinking:

Dis not call them. Frighteningly expensive to call from South Africa. Was hoping to liaise via email. Then there’s the time zone issue.

I only want the hardware needed to bolt a 700r4 transmission to a v12, the adapter plate, and spacers needed for the torque convertor.

Dellow in Sydney make v12 adaptor kits.

Dellow Conversions

02 9774 387302 9774 4419

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Engine Adaptor for Jaguar V12 5.3L to GM V8 TH-700R

$450.00 incl. GST

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Fantastic! Thanks Richard!!! I’ve written to them.

If you don’t hear from them, let me try to call John for you. :phone: He also might reply to MY email b/c he knows me from previous purchases (although it has been some time since my last one). :smiley: Maybe he’s a bit wary of an email appearing to come from S. Africa, fearing it’s possibly one of those Internet Nigerian scam things that have been happening in these parts of late. :grimacing: You just never know. He IS a bit “eccentric” sometimes … :hushed:

Thank you kindly for your offer!! I sent you a PM.

Another alternative is to buy some credits on a internet calling service like Skype. $10USD should be enough for hours of calls to the US from anyplace that has internet service.

I used this method wayback in 2012 when I was in the Philippines and wanted to make a last second itinerary change not possible online. I needed to call, but I only had a local SIM card with expensive international calling. I bought $10 USD of Skype credit and used it to call Cathay Air to make the changes I needed. I still have $8 left. :slight_smile:


John ain’rt keen on Email… I used FAX when I worked with them on making my conversion. St times, the phone. Email, never…

And, not keen on parts alone from his kits. OK if needed to repair a kit bought from him. O’wise, nope…

As of now, the weather has probably hit them hard as well.

John’s real love is old railroad rolling stock…


John told me he came to Charles City Iowa years ago for an excursion on our once interurban railway here… thats my hometown and where I am again

Well, to help our S. African friend out, I called a couple of days ago to John’s and no answer and same for the fax #. They would both just ring and ring. :disappointed: I then tried again yesterday and a helper answered (yes, John has help now :relieved: ). :triumph: He mentioned that the record winter storm had in fact hit them for awhile, and then handed me off to John. So yes, they are still chooglin’ … :man_dancing: