Just Bought a C-type

Hi all,
Just purchased my first replica. It’s a CJR C-type. All aluminum body, 4.2 with triple Webers, 5 speed. Should be arriving this coming Weds. Very excited.


was this the one on BAT where are you

We need photos…Steve

No, not that one.

Wanted to, but couldn’t figure out how to attach photos. I must be missing something.

Just figured it out and edited my original post.

That car is stunning in person. I saw it last year at the Chattanooga Motorfest

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Thanks. I’m super excited. May take it to Amelia Island next year. Do you have any other pics of the car?

I’m in Alabama.

I’m in Chattanooga so not far from you. I have a thread here on the forum about the Proteus replica I’m building. I found it near Birmingham.
Phil Cottrell in England owned your car previously, before Rob. Rob let me sit in it and that got me excited about C-types again.
I do have a few pics of the car. Send me your email address in a PM and I’ll mail them to you.



Thanks so much. My email is: unionjackrestorations@earthlink.net

Would love to see photos of your C as well. Maybe we can go for a drive together with both cars some day!

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Here is my Realm, bought new as a finished turn-key car back in ‘86. It has a full interior and is a good driver.


Gorgeous car. I love blue; my favorite color. Is that Ecurie Ecosse blue?

Here are a few shots of Ollie Cottrell of CJR racing my car at Castle Combe.


My car is probably a little lighter than actual EE blue. The pics look a bit darker than it is.

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Love that color. I was looking at an extremely nice tool room copy for sale in the UK that is painted in what I assume is EE Blue. It is a Coventry Classics (New Zealand) and was originally commissioned by the owner of a real C. Stunning car and I really fell in love with it, but I was scared off by stories of getting these replicas through US customs. It was quite a bit more money than the car I bought as well.

AMAZING!!! Heres mine Los Angeles

Very nice. Who made this one?

It;s a Realm, put together in Washington state.


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