Just bought a derelict X305 car

Hello all
I just recently bought a very neglected 1995 XJ12 car with some issues.
Among other issues the previous owner was trying to fix a problem with the 4l80e transmission not shifting into OD.
Unfortunately his “solution” was to hack up the factory wiring harness to try installing push buttons to shift with.

He also cut off the center section of the exhaust.

If anyone is interested in seeing more details please take a look at the video I posted to YouTube:

Introduction of 1995 Jaguar XJ12 (X305 6.0L V12)

Some detail photos of the car

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Good grief…

Jack the Ripper had nothing on the butchery of this cars previous owner.

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What are your plans for it?

That sounds like a great mod…flappy paddles to make the gears shift on demand.

Regarding the starter motor, before condemning it ensure you strip it right down and check and clean it fully.
I recently had a starter on one of my diesel cars, that was really, really, poorly, just turning over and sometimes would just click the solenoid.
I stripped it and found the brushes and armature were in excellent condition, so stripped it completely, cleaned the brush holders and armature up, wire brushed, cleaned, lapped and copper slipped every metal joint of the casing.

The problem was corrosion between the aluminium and steel metal casing joints was causing poor Gnd contact so the motor couldn’t draw enough current to operate properly.

It’s back on the car and works perfectly with very quick cranking…not bad after 32 years and 167,000 miles.

The original starter is probably a better quality unit than any replacement you can buy now.
My original Valeo would have been £385 to have it rebuilt, one can buy cheap new “equivalent” starters for £60…maybe not.

I assume the previous bodgery of your V12 was reflected in the price.

Yeah, I got the car for $1600 and there is also a 1996 XJ6 X300 there as well for another $600. That too has some wiring butchery done on it. Again the previous owner was trying to diagnose a problem with the car not starting when cold and his “solution” was to cut up the wires going to the water temp sensor and the connections at the computer for the water temp sensor. He also lost the keys to the car so his “solution” to that was to take the ignition switch apart to use a screwdriver on it.

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I despair…

Reminds me of the punchline to an old hunting joke. The Dr. said, “We could’ve saved him if you hadn’t field dressed him after you shot him.”

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That $600 XJ12 sure has my $900 96 XJ12 beat! The engine alone is worth that. I’d love to put a 6.0 in the XJ12C I’m building. With a manual transmission and Mobeck engine management it would give Harry a run for his money… and for very little money. If it is anywhere near New Hampshire USA I’d be insanely tempted to get it. The rest would make a good parts car for the 96 XJ12. Arrrrgh.

BTW you may with to cross post to the X305 forum on Jaguarforums. It seems to be where all the X305 owners congregate.


Sorry, you misunderstood my earlier message. The $600 car is a X300 with the AJ16 straight six. Not a X305 car with the V12.

Bummer, wishful thinking :slight_smile: