Just bought a Jaguar

I just bought a 2000 s type and I have to fix the passenger window, back passenger window, alignment and an oil change… also when it is idling the engine runs smooth but I have an extra noise I don’t particularly like… I either got a good deal or got screwed not sure yet… any advice words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated!

You bought a 20 year old machine
It’s a machine that needs attending too
How much did you pay for the chariot and mileage and all
Then we see if you should get the vaseline

I paid all together 2,900.00 at a dealership… The light for the miles doesn’t not work and it is not the fuse so we would have to take the dash apart and get behind it to see. We have a 2004 inspection paper and at that time it had like 74,000 and it has sat up for quit a while and it may have 100,000ish miles on it. With 1 owner who didn’t drive it often. The passenger window needs a new regulator. And we got the radio working, we believe the extra noise while idling, we may have a slipping transmission… :frowning: But it drives like a dream to me.

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Ok, That’s fair….A ASTON MARTIN carbon fiber bicycle costs 30 grand.
So 3 grand no matter what your doing great.
I bought my mom a 200 stype new back in the day.
Enjoy it,drive it till it falls apart.
At 3 grand…don’t lose sleep

Welcome to the forum. I’ve had a 2000 S-Type since 2009 and it now has over 230,000 miles. The window regulators are the same as Lincoln LS as are many other parts, and can be had from Rock Auto and other aftermarket sources. Can you describe the noise?


Thank you… It’s not very load so it’s hard to describe more, of a whirring noise but my cousin who is a pretty good mechanic thinks the transmission may be slipping and I’ve noticed you can feel while it is in neutral it feels like it’s cycling threw the gears I guess is a good way to explain it. And when I shift from Park to reverse it’s a hard shift but if I shift straight threw quickly to drive it’s fine and smooth… I’ve looked up parts and have been reading up on Jaguar’s so I am doing my research… it’s just a lot to take in and this car is going to be my daily driver… maybe not practical but I’m already in love with my Jaguar…

That s the spirit!
Drive it and fix it along the way. Its fun and your driving in style.
Rob is right your car was built under Ford in the PREMIER GROUP.
Many of the parts are Ford and simple to find.
If you take out the regulator or have the mechanic do it…Just look at the stamped part number.
Call Ford and you will be surprised most parts are at least 70 percent less at the ford dealer than the jag dealer…its the same part.
Good luck

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It may be needs an adjustment in the shifter mechanism or maybe a new or used shifter. There is a known wear item made of white plastic, and an aluminum replacement offered by many of the aftermarket Jaguar parts sources such as Welsh and SNG Barratt. I never go to the Jaguar or Ford dealers at all for parts.
J gate shifter 011
J gate shifter 004
J gate shifter 006

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That is an awesome lead thank you id rather not put a transmission in if it’s still good. And I’ll look into those names for parts and stuff thank you so much. And some research into the shifting mechanism here I come thank you so much!

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And youll be the only one on the block without a cookie cutter suv.
Drive on!

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Yup :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: and my kids will fit and I have no baby babies so don’t have to worry about food all over the place! I’m excited! Never in my life ( and I’m a hard worker, been in the military, a bar tender and now an assistant manager moving on to learn more and eventually become a store manager) would I have thought I would ever own a Jaguar!

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It’s a just reward, for all that hard work!

As Joey often says, DRIVE it, fix it along the way, and the ride will never be boring!

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Is there any where I can get the piece that’s breaking? The main part is fine that houses the shifter, it’s the hard plastic part that busts every time I lean on it and I can’t remember to stop lol I seen the main piece on eBay but I can’t find the under part

Check craigslist: I see these cars getting parted out there, often.

Any trans problem, top up or change fluid first.

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i am watching this with interest. i have the same year and just got mine too.

So now I’m having sputtering problems, a smell of rotton eggs and a bogging down when I accelerate… :frowning: :grimacing: going to check the O2 sensor and the converter and go from there…

Change the air filter.

Seems the simplest thing, I’ve been told the cat or the O2 sensor but I’ll check that thank you…

Rotten eggs is the cat convertor I believe.