Just got an xj8 2008

Just got a 2008 xj8 with 101000 on it , the valet mode keeps turning on , and the ignition key is loose in the ignition the display says somthing about the parking brake failure or fault. Are these common problems or just my luck ? The guy i bought it from gave me a used ignition too install with key , the car runs fine dont know if ill have it changed but the valet thing is getting old. The key fob i have is hard to get to work if i get another one can a locksmith program it ? I hope I’m in the right forum for these questions. Im from the xjs room i have an 89 convertible also

The fob thing is pretty easy. Snap it apart and you’ll see a layer of dark grey/black gunk all over the PCB. Clean it and the rubber contacts with an alcohol-based cleaner and Bob’s your uncle. Well, that is, he is until the pads wear out completely! Buying second-hand replacements just delays the inevitable.

In the UK, there’s guy who replaces the contact patches with micro-switches: I’m sure there must be someone similar able to do that.

You don’t need a locksmith to re-program them but having fully-working fobs is a requirement.

Found out why the valet mode keeps turning on, i keep bumping it with my knee when i get in the car,one problem solved on to the next.