Just got new Lloyds mats, kinda disappointed

So my old mats are pretty shot and i decided to go with Lloyds mats for a new front set. I went with the “ultimat” mat and it cost $103 shipped. I got them and the first thing i noticed was there weren’t holes for the turnbuckles. They did say there might not be, but i figured that i could fit my old bits if i needed to. They are really nice and look and feel good, but then i went to try to install them and thats when i noticed how much longer they were. They fit pretty nicely in the footwells after some pressing in, but they go partway over the seat module covers. They included some hook type fasteners, but I’m not sure exactly how they would work. Here’s some pics.

Were you sure to specify you needed them for CONVERTIBLE model? It is my understanding there is a somewhat different “footprint” for the front floor areas of them vs. the coupes, esp. on the passenger side. Possibly some vendors do not appreciate the difference, and just cut them all for coupes. ? :confused:

Yes indeed. I made sure that it was set for a 93 xjs convertible. And by that i mean through the whole process lol. Even after it shipped i made sure it still said convertible. I do know at some point the factory mats went longer, but i don’t know when that was

Would you say the color ain’t quite right either?

Well yes and no. Its close to the vinyl/leather and the carpet that has been out of the sun. They didn’t have them listed by as factory colors, so i went with the 540 Almond, which looked the closest. But no, it isnt the barley, or was it buckskin. Id have to look again, but i think my code was barley.

Strange, I JUST got mine back (ordered through AmericanFloorMats, who I think use Lloyds), and they fit perfect, and came with holes for driver’s side, and even the pegs to mount them. (Yeah, they’re already dirty!)

I went for black so I didn’t have to try and match my interior grey color, and also went for Berber. Very nice.

I got front and back for $160 shipped.

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Yeah that looks about like the length mine are, and yes they are very nice. Mine came with a metal “S” clip and a plastic hoop sewn on the back. My 93s carpet setup is different and uses turnbuckles. If the silver clip wouldn’t be showing i could probably live with it.

iirc Greg’s car is a pre facelift, while yours is 93 : you may have received the wrong version of the mats ?

My 93.5 coupe also uses turnbucles

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I verified my year several times. My only thought is they have the wrong pattern on file. I was sent this file image from the rep as to what they list. He has yet to get back to me after i sent the pictures. Obviously had i been able to see the file beforehand i would have known it wasn’t right.

I had a similar experience but a different company. Wanted carpet mats to protect the original carpeting. Their pattern didn’t match up with my 95 coupe. I returned the custom mats along with a stencil made from the OEM carpet pieces. The company remade the mats at no extra cost to me. Fit great.

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Hmm! That might be worth an ask at least!

Someone should start a carpet company in which the SOP is for the customer to send in stencils of what they’re looking for.


or time to start a list of the companies with the real stencils for the various models ?
how many different shapes do exist ?
LHD/RHD (not always a mirror view)
coupe / convertible 2 / 4 seats / targa
pre / after facelift

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Well, snap to it, Kirb!

I’ll take a set for Margaret!


GG Bailey in Atlanta area have done mine. First set I bought lasted about 15 years before backing started crumbling. I just bought a new set. Two thumbs up

Do they do custom mats?

I bought a set of Lloyd mats that didn’t fit the passenger side of a 92 coupe. Should have sent the back with a pattern, but I too couldn’t be bothered.

I guess it depends on how one defines custom. They made my first set from stencils back in about 2002. I didn’t like the fit of their XJS mat. It was prefacelift I believe. Returned with stencil drawing and got good fitting mats from them. Years later, for second pair, they had a better XJS pattern that worked. You can choose color, edging color, heel pad, custom lettering. Pretty decent product. I have cream interior in my XJS and use chocolate brown mats.

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Much thanks!

I put my hat in their custom ring: we’ll see what they say.

Thanks! Maybe that’s why mine fit so well, because you sent them a stencil?!