Just had my windshield replaced in the Mk1

Just had my windshield replaced in my '57 Mk1. Glad I hired a professional. Had to take off most of the interior trim, plus the top of the dashboard and screen vents. And yes, he had to install the windshield from the inside. As a bonus, the installer cut off the end of my old windshield off since he thought I would want to keep all of my rally decals, a great bonus. Jeff S. Atlanta, GA

I can only confirm the amount of work, as I just completed front screen change on my -56. To my knowledge mk1 is the only Jaguar with the screen mounted from the inside. Especially fitting the chrome trim was tricky as the new replacement Pilkington screen was slightly less curved than the original and was stretching the rubber seal. Messy work to seal the overlaps but turned out very nice in the end. I also changed the rear screen seal as I have installed a new headliner and the rear was very straightforward in comparison.
Rgds Svante

Yep, the Pilkington screen I installed was also slightly less curved, but in the end turned out well. Jeff S.

How would You list the order of re-assembly, starting from bare chassis ?

  • headlining goes first, goes under windshield seal, glued under the rubber seal,
  • windshield seal goes in place followed by windshield, from inside,
  • A pillars woods come in, two per side,
  • then goes dashboard wood.

My installer, mounted the gasket on the glass and then installed both as a single unit (from the inside). You also need to have the windscreen “vents” at the bottom removed before installing. Everything else on the list looks good. Also as mentioned above, the gaskets that are being supplied (and maybe originally) do not have an outside lip for the chrome trim (like the etypes have). You will need to use some glue to keep the chrome in place. Jeff S. Atlanta, GA