Just joined so Hello

Hello everyone
I am Pim Smit from Rotterdam Holland.
I would like to inrtoduce my car and join the forum for more info, experiences and stories!



Beautiful car, and welcome!


Welcome. Tell us about your car.


Enjoy that ride!
Is that a 6 or a 12?

series 2 regency red? XJ6 or Sovereign? Please share more details. Nice car!

Mel R.

Hello everyone,
Thanx for your welcome.
It is a 1977 XJ6 series II 4.2 Sovereign and yes, red.
It has 82000 km on the odo but i haven’t run it for about six months.
I think i have to service the SU’s and i will replace the sparkplugcaps because it doesn’t run smooth.
I recently polished the car because it was gathering muck in the barn. I saw that i mounted the wrong hubcaps. They’re from my Daimler. I’ll introduce that one to later. So first i’ll replace the caps, fiddle with the SU’s and see what happens. Don’t mind the language, i am Dutch…

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Hi Pim,

how much have you been driving the car since that barn recovery? Depending on the duration of this stay fuel issues may be more of a concern than some dust.

You might check your fuel filter (in the boot) and the state of your tanks if you have something like an endoscope available. If things are bad you may be transporting rust flakes from the tank into the fuel pumps (immersed or external pumps?) and into the carbs. If things are not so bad some exercise and fresh fuel will cure the problem.

Frankly, I would leave the carbs alone if the butterflies move freely. Maybe just top up damper oil. Another thing that might spoil your experience is the AED - use the car, get the engine warmed up, then pull off the aux carb lines and block them - just to see whether the SU carbs are well tuned.

Good luck


75 XJ6L 4.2 auto (UK spec)

So was my grandpa.
No one here is a member of the “Language Police”.
Misspellings are common and the source of many jokes but
not criticism. Auto spell can screw things up also. As @Andrew_Waugh so eloquently put it
“I hope the guy that invented it burps in hall.”
Welcome and enjoy :nerd_face:

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The car hasn’t actually made miles. Just some back and forth out of the barn to polish it. It is not “recovered” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: because i knew it was there.
Anyway, i had that gut feeling also to leave the carbs alone and just drive for a while. But the sparkplugcaps are the original ones and they are gone… The new set arrives today.
I will however check the butterflies because yes they can loosen and that makes the engine do funny things. And i will also check the exterior of the SU’s and the pistons for any sud.
I will report later from ze Holland!

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Good to know Jerry. And i supppose your grandpa was a Van Der Molen? Or Vermeulen?
I can always see the Dutch influence on english surnames.
But you have to explain “I hope the guy that invented it burps in hall.” because i’m Dutch…

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A play on words.

“I hope the guy that invented it burns in hell.”


Don’t you mean “A prey on words”?

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Well yes, now that you mention it.
You’re just better and faster at word play. :exploding_head:

‘Use it or lose it’, PimSmit - deterioration is related more to time than moderate use/driving…:slight_smile:

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

After replacing the plugcaps the engine runs a bit “smoother” and idles longer than 10 minutes.
So, next is removing the distributor and checking that thing. Also found out that the cap of the radiator is leaking. The rubber seal is warped and the coolant leaks onto the distributor when the engine runs.
So that is the next step. I hope the distributor is worn so a simple replacement will solve more. No funny noises from rockers or the cranckshaft. Thusfar…

Wipe the dist lid inside and out, PimSmit - check for cracks; carbon traces. Scrape cracks, apply clear nail varnish - or replace lid. Clean all high tension components/leads and apply silicon - for water protection to improve insulation…

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

Yep, thanx,
Exactly my plan. But it’s raining now… so…
And a new lid costs about 22 euros…

Trouble is that the new lid may not be as good as the old one! Been there, with an older critter, though.

Frank. colored lady’s nail polish works as well.

Interesting. Mueller = Miller !! Or in dutch similar.

Our special prosecuter is Mueller. under fire as of now.

Many immigrants “Americanized” their names on entry. others did so on achieving citizenship.

and others go to court to change. some odd ones not approved…

Ohers just made them simpler. Lowenstein became Owens!!


Then some did a name change for business reasons, and to avoid ethnic issues!!!

Royals changed decades ago from Battenberg to Mountbatten!!


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