Just muted the Pub

Why? Because I got tired of the nasty topic lines that keep littering the “Latest” column when I logged in. Very distracting and annoying. I urge everyone who is fed up with the constant din of mostly liberal “outrage” to turn off the perpetrators. Let them rage amongst themselves. (I still believe there should be a political section where interested parties have to log “in”, instead of forcing others to log out/mute).

I hope the Pub comes back. There were a lot of good, interesting threads on it that didn’t devolve into a troll war. We are loosing a lot of interesting information and commentary. I miss the intercourse with other intelligent members. Please bring it back!


My sentiments exactly. There is plenty to talk about that doesn’t involve the following:

Guns and ammo
Policing issues
LGBT issues
Any kind of discrimination
Climate change

Someone posts something along those lines warn them and delete their post. They do it again, show them the door and delete their post.

It’s a crying shame that ANYONE considers a scientific topic, like climate change, one that deserves expulsion.

It’s happening, and the funny thing is, it’s happening TO US ALL.

Republican, Democrat, Muslim, gay, straight, trans.

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Just my opinion, of course, but it takes about 2 minutes for that topic to get nasty and political.

Everything is political. Case in point: Posts about EVs and their required infrastructure. It should be a “live and let live” kind of topic, along the lines of “You wanna drive an EV? Good for you, but I’m sticking to my ICE.” Maybe with an “Amazing how far they’ve come” thrown in for the sake of good will.

It’s even on-topic for the Pub (cars/mechanical contraptions) and for J-l (Jaguar makes an EV, for crying out loud!)

But no, it turns political every time, and there’s tons of moaning about how it’s all a sinister plot to take away our freedoms. Or something. But definitely political.

This is essence of the problem. Everything is political in a hyper-partisan environment like we have now.

And I’m sick of it.


You are not the only one, my friend!

It really seems to have just become, for lack of a better word, a disease, especially in the last four years, but really in the last 30.

My suggestion would then be to summarily toss those who MAKE it political and nasty.

All those topics and all the other topics on the Pub are legitimate topics for discussion. Where it goes off the rails is when people holding opposing views fail to agree to disagree. We can argue without getting personal or intransigent. I disagree with some of the ideas I’ve read on the Pub and value others.

The Pub is a valuable discussion platform because we have intelligent people, from all over the world, with diverse backgrounds and diverse expertise, coming together for free-range discussion. Our guidance should be our common sense. The first rule should be the golden rule.

In the short time this has been down, I’ve missed you guys and gals. Let’s keep it civil, We can still have good discussions and intelligent arguments in an atmosphere of respect.


Your idea has merit, as there are many topics in the pub that dont turn political (as they are basically technical…ie silver soldering)

however, why get “annoyed” ?

I personally have never blocked anyone, nor flagged a post

Of course, many times I disagree with others views, and sometimes have responded accordingly by posting, however, only I can control my emotions

I feel most sorry for the moderators. Having to consider these matters so frequently, that would annoy me


If the old Pub doesn’t re-open, this threatens to become the new pub. The demand for a site for discourse is out there.

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Latest Lounge topics - Jag-lovers Forums

Maybe THAT’S what we need to call it: The Pug


Dang you auto correct. Fixed; the g is just above the b. My excuse.

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Couldn’t open? Said it was private.

I would just leave it open.

It did get ultra political and angry, in the sense that “if you dont agree with my opinion, you must be ultra right facist Trump loving racist etc”. Were living in the polar opposite of McCarthy-ism.

I just stopped going to the pub recently because of this. If it turns into a shit show again, so be it. We aren’t forced to participate.

Not even… and therein lies the kernel of the issue.

It’s nothing to do with ‘McCarthyism:’ it has to do with not even agreeing on basic, verifiable facts.

A few random thoughts…

No matter the section or topic each and every one of us has choices. Foremost, we can choose to read or ignore. If we read, we can choose to reply or not reply. If we choose to reply, we can choose our words and tone.

Personally, I find it remarkably easy to ignore certain people, topics, or threads. Or even entire sections. So easy, in fact, I really have a hard time understanding why some people struggle with it. I’ll simply put it down to the differences in people. I don’t have the strength to take everyone apart and see what makes them tick.

In the grand scheme of things if politics are forever banned in the pub it will neither pick my pocket nor break my leg (apologies to Thom Jefferson here). Not that big of a deal for me. But, I’ll be a little disappointed. I enjoy political discussion from time-to-time and have gained many insights from fellow Jag-lovers and, actually, the discussions here are remarkably mild-mannered in comparison to what is commonly found elsewhere. To lose it due to some occasional bad behavior is one thing. To lose it because some people don’t have the discipline or desire to simply ‘ignore’ would be irritating. I find the former reason more palatable than the latter.



Glad Im not alone…:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Jus my opinion but I guess it’s because some people are always “on”. They see themselves as a font of knowledge, a defender of the faith, and feel they have to share it and take every post of a viewpoint they disagree with as a personal challenge to set the poster straight.

Wait: there’s another option??