Just started work on my winter bike project

1990 ZZR1100 Mr Turbo

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Is that a keeper, Ian?

Yes I think so Paul , plan is to try for 200mph , at a straight lines event , bike is 30 odd years old now !
It’s all there , biggest outlay will be new tyres , and replacing all the hoses !

Better man than me at 200mph!

Bring it to Bonneville, 2022! I’l letcha drive the Jee-Type!

Starting to look a little better :rofl:


So, what’s the hand-drawn red square indicate?

2 cap screws :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

My bike days started and ended in the sixties . Just restored a 59 speed twin , all chrome and glitz , huge 4 gallon fibreglass tank sprayed red , which was pretty much half full . Took a friend with me to try it out . A van pulled out in front of us , we both went over the top , tank burst , bike became an inferno , no serious injuries . Fire put out by a passing car with an extinguisher , I bought the remains off the insurance company for a few quid and rebuilt it with a steel tank .

Some one asked about position of the fuel pressure regulator !

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Waiting on some coolant hoses , but fitted a Oil catch tank , and reconnected all the electrics , we have life :grin: