Just started work on my winter bike project

1990 ZZR1100 Mr Turbo

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Is that a keeper, Ian?

Yes I think so Paul , plan is to try for 200mph , at a straight lines event , bike is 30 odd years old now !
It’s all there , biggest outlay will be new tyres , and replacing all the hoses !

Better man than me at 200mph!

Bring it to Bonneville, 2022! I’l letcha drive the Jee-Type!

Starting to look a little better :rofl:


So, what’s the hand-drawn red square indicate?

2 cap screws :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

My bike days started and ended in the sixties . Just restored a 59 speed twin , all chrome and glitz , huge 4 gallon fibreglass tank sprayed red , which was pretty much half full . Took a friend with me to try it out . A van pulled out in front of us , we both went over the top , tank burst , bike became an inferno , no serious injuries . Fire put out by a passing car with an extinguisher , I bought the remains off the insurance company for a few quid and rebuilt it with a steel tank .

Some one asked about position of the fuel pressure regulator !

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Waiting on some coolant hoses , but fitted a Oil catch tank , and reconnected all the electrics , we have life :grin:


Well top is more or less finished now , down pipes and Turbo bolted back on , oil lines plumbed in , Rad fitted and filled with 50/50 distilled water and Antifreeze , changed the scratched clutch cover for a unpainted one , waiting on a gasket to bolt it back on , changed oil filter , soon be running out of reasons not to start it :thinking: :rofl:!
Not sure if I will be at work next week , or starting my second lock down , so just ordered 1lt of metal polish :muscle:

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Clutch cover back on , should finish all the engine work today , just fuel tank to wash out
Had a single seat unit laying about , may fit it not sure yet
Terry sent me a few stickers a good few years back !

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Dont want your right heel hangin’ down for too long…:grimacing:

Think this was in 1994

Gonna give the record a go?


No Paul , I will be happy with 200 mph , had the front wheel lift off the ground under acceleration with 150 on the clock , and see the other side of 180 , only a few days from trying to start it , had a few issues , wrong oil filter sent , oil poring out bottom of engine , when seeing if I had a spark , had no spark , both sorted now , had some re wiring to do , that was in a bit of a mess ,
Has a enrichment button , I could not remember where 1 wire went ,but found out by looking at old pictures
It helps if all the plugs are connected to get a spark , still no lost time , I know all the other switches and connectors are good lol
EFI control box , 4 holes at the back have red led’s in them , 1 for
each pot , they flash in turn , each has a mixture screw to adjust the fuel !
Nice to take lots of pics , be for and after , same applies on my MK2 , lots of pics , helped me and others out .
Light weight front wheel , with Busa 6 pots
6 J back wheel for a fatter tyre , no point in doing much to the back brake , have to smile when people say they have up graded there back brake , on hard braking the back wheel lifts off the ground ,
Loved the sound of the back wheel skipping over the road , and the chain rattling on heavy braking :rofl:

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Was all set to start the Engine yesterday , with no luck , had a nice spark but the plugs where dry , so a fuel injection problem , took me a few hours to work out what was what , but think that side of things is fine now , so will try to start engine again today


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Like the little LED’s at the control unit !
Very cool and great for troubleshooting.
Is it for the injectors or spark ?