Keep getting asked for donations

Hi I have joined the site and have dnated USD 10 but keep getting asked about donations when I try to access topics/links…?

Hi Willy, did you donate via Patreon?

Willy welcome to the forums.
Are you asking about the green banner that is above the topics?
That doesn’t differentiate between people that have donated or not. I donate via patreon and still have the banner across the top.

Nick, been meaning to ask for a couple of years as more often than I like I have a problem with how these JagLovers sites order postings based on local time rather than actual time. Net result in Australia I can make a posting but if I get a response from a USa or UK poster there response is ordered before my original posting. CAN THIS BE FIXED .

I never noticed anything like that, it’s now 10.50 am GMT and your post was one hour ago, so at ~10 am GMT, so mine will always show up after yours - are you saying it shouldn’t?