Keep it civil, no personal attacks!

Just a reminder: Personal/ad hominem attacks are not tolerated on Jag-lovers. Please feel free to disagree, but keep it civil. That applies to all.



Thank you, O Benevolent Overlord…:grimacing:

GOT IT, lately there seems to be a lot of angry unrest, finger pointing, up and down,etc!
aggressive driving , shootings, in other words a lot of and increasing violence,(acting Crazy)!
well my take on it, is just watch yourself, and DO NOT GO WITH THE FLOW!
“avoid senseless contradictions with others”
this phase in the Universe will pass,but it will last around 6yrs, it is just a major change in reality!
ALL things have to change, there be storms, fires , floods , earthquakes , violence , big PITA , the last time this phase took place was WW2 started, and before that was US Civil war,
Europe had its French revolution, i think Russia had changes too?and more i cant remember!!
HEY enjoy the RIDE, there is nothing anyone can do,its just time passing by!

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also you may notice anything related to Electricity / Electronics, or may have Energy flow!
is going haywire (pun)!

Or more like- HWMBO…

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I must have missed something. This is one of the calmest forums that I’ve ever used.

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Indeed: I gave up almost all other online fora–including Facebook–due to the brainless acrimony so prevalent, all over.

When the little that does exist occurs here, it’s kind of shocking.

I appreciate Gunner’s tender ministrations, plus all the other well-mannered participants keeping it clean.

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Early 1900’sa. the Czar was toppled and the family never seen again…

recently the fall of the soviet Union and the rise of the present dictatorship…

And, to some, the risk of loss of our democracy.

I enjoy differing points of view. I can disagree, yet respect…



Indeed. It’s just a gentle reminder to everyone.

Thanks for always keeping it civil!



You then need to subscribe to ElectroBoom…!!

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he crazy guy, but you notice he keeps shocking him self, my dad said it gives you an energy as long as you dont die!
many times i seen dad grab hot wire ends and he would shake and make funny faces(grimace).
hey he never died from electricity , he slipped on some oil on floor and cracked his head on a large steel machine!

Hehe: he is a very experienced E.E. That is why he knows HOW to shock himself!

Thank you, Gunnar, for your admonition and advice.

May I say that, as a relatively new user, I was amazed at what I viewed to be a pretty tough audience when I first started posting. But it quickly became apparent that there is some incredible talent on this site, well beyond what I’ve experienced through my local connections in my near 50 year experience as an E-Type owner and restorer. These many talented people suffer no fools, and they make it clear in their responses–never insulting, but always offering “tough love.” I have not found anything foul on the site, and have learned to come to know and respect the wonderful people here who embrace each of us as Jaguar fanatics willing to listen and learn.

Many kudos to a wonderful website!


Compared to forums for my other hobbies and activities, J-L is a paragon of civility. Let us all do our part to keep it that way.

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Tommy, do you not read my posts?

Gunnar, Is there an asterisk symbol or emoji for too many Scotches while posting?

I promise to be more civil.
I swear! (most of the time)

But seriously, no more trouble from me. I like the forum and will keep it clean from now on, no matter how much I’ve had to drink, and no matter what Wiggles posts.


Nope, haven’t seen any yet, but will check closer. And @Wiggles cracks me up.

Long live the Boeing Blade ®


Demon rum is often the mortal enemy of civility :smiley:


That’s why I don’t drink rum. 99% Rye wiskey for me. The corn stuff ain’t bad either.

Did I miss your point completely? Oh well…


Mention K&N filters. Stand back…:grimacing:



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