Keep or sell advice needed please

I have recently purchased for £2800 a Jaguar X Type 2.2 D SE on a 2008 plate.

The car has 76’000 miles and a full Jaguar history and 12 months MOT. ( No advisories)
I have had the car glanced over by a mechanic and he said that the engine is as clean as whistle with no oil spills anywhere.

The interior is unmarked and looks like new!

On the face of it not a bad purchase but having done some reading I am now worried that there are a couple of expensive issues that are more when than if !

I have been warned about the Dual Mass Fly wheel and the fuel pump which are both big jobs according to my source.

My question is should I consider moving this car on as I have no mechanical experience and will be paying for any breakdowns

Your thoughts will be appreciated

Keep it, run it and enjoy it. I use my 04 Estate as a daily driver and ski car.

Thanks for that :+1: the fuel is similar to my last 1.6 petrol but the scare mongering Re major failures on the car worries me … we are a young family with limited finances so can’t afford a car that’s in the garage alot​:joy::joy: but thanks I appreciate your comment

My indie Jag mechanic told me the X Type was a good car with no major mechanical issues. He warned me to make sure the cooling air scoop for the transfer case is in place. This gets taken off and forgotten during oil changes and can lead to the transfer case failing.

You are on a good site for information on the car as you have access to the experiences of 100’s of drivers. I just wish they were a little more active.

Thanks Again

My good lady has a garage and said they are not bad cars but get rid of it by 100000 miles as the fuel pump will fail which is a fair job.

I like the car and will give it some thought as it’s such a lot of motor for £2800

Also be aware that the X is based on the Ford Mondeo so parts should not be too expensive.

My present car has over 228,000 km (142,000 miles) on the clock with no fuel pump problems. My first X Type had over 300,000 kms on it when I got rid of it.

Mine’s on 122000 with no fuel pump problems. It’s been in the family from new. I wonder if fuel pump problems are related to misfuelling. I haven’t heard of it until now.
Dad had the clutch/dmf done about 40k and I think was actually a failing slave cylinder.
I’ve done the egr valve twice but i think it was due to low engine temp as a result of oil cooler thermostat problem. I used cheap one first. Fine since I used a genuine one.
I had a power steering pump fail due to a leaking union.
I had rattle from worn belt tensioner. I replaced the crank pulley at same time with upgrade. Expensive and unnecessary in hindsight.
None of it was v expensive except the clutch when dad it.
You could do worse for the money.

Thanks John

I have decided to keep it and I am enjoying it!

Got into my farther in laws BMW 318 D on a 12 plate and my jag felt better put together

Good choice. Enjoy it. Mine keeps growing on me.