Kerry Packer’s twin turbo xjs

New photos here…

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Nicely done bubble flares!

The two other images posted on Instagram. They have done a photo shoot so I guess there will be more coming. This guy also has a 7.4l xjs and lots of other Jag stuff so definitely worth following.


Well, Packer wasn’t short of a quid!!!

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I do not like hardtop XJSs: that is a goooood-lookin’ one!

That last pic made me laugh right out loud!

how do they get that plastic quarter panel so shiny and new!? I have tried everything!

probably Ceramic paint! latest tech stuff!

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Long, notice the fuel rails, with aeroquip

, lines and early manifolds, and bubble flairs?
darn he copied some of my ideas! but i did mine 25yrs ago!

Ron Kerry Packer’s jaguar was built 35 plus years ago.

I was gonna mention that wee detail…!

Do you know if the car is still in Australia, and its whereabouts ?

if you are going to modify a vehicle, I doubt there would have been any talk of budget

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Tony I’m not sure of if this correct but it seems to be owned or maintained by a Jordan Roddy of Bespoke Motor Cars in Melbourne.

I dont think so , that style of fuel rail did not come out , till around the mid 1990s ! at least it does away with silly hoses(Orings top and bottem), take a lot more fuel pressure as boost goes up!
altho that NICE car could have been updated more than once!
any info about displacement , looks like 5.3L , not many 6.0L available at that time !
of course unlimited money knows NO end?

Yes the car was rebuilt… in ‘85 after it burnt in a garage fire. Photos from ‘85 show aeroquip hoses, bubble flares, etc. I was one of three similar twin turbo xjs jags build it australia in the ‘80s.

evidently since updated with experimental artificial intelligence modules :grin:

A-I modules ? that sounds like a great idea, add rocket boosters too!