Key fob remote buttons failed

1998 X308
What do people do when the carbon on the back of the rubber buttons wears out so no longer makes a contact with the circuit board?
Any used whole unit on ebay is likely to have wear, unless a second hand one has been un-used: I’ve seen one for around £250!
Has anyone used the various repair services on ebay? But not sure whether they could repair/replace the actual worn carbonated rubber. One bloke reckons he solders actual buttons into the circuit board.
I’ve tried gluing tiny pieces of silver foil onto the back of the buttons, which seems to work, but don’t know how long for…

You can purchase carbon pad replacements from Aliexpress. Never used them myself so no idea on their efficacy.

Guess you’d still have to glue them on, so no different to my foil ones!

And I can’t see any on there.

There is this, when it come back into stock;

The repairers on ebay fit micro-switches to replace the carbon. Carbon paint is an option too. I tried contact adhesive but it didn’t stick to the rubber. So have tried super glue and the foil pieces seem firmly attached, so far.

Correct, there have already been suggested remedies.

Find ‘fingazfobs’ and get the wretched pads replaced by micro-switches. I’ve had 3 different fobs done by him. He’s reasonably priced with a quick turn-around.

Is that fingaz, Neil?

“Neil”? [shrug]

Fingaz is the ebay name. Think it’s the same bloke.

It is. When I used the eBay route for my first fix, it came with a slip of paper with the web site details on it.


If those little carbon black dots on the rubber sheet flake off or are gone, the buttons won’t work. But you can buy conductive paint or ink online. Just clean the rubber dot area where the black dot was with alcohol, then paint on a new dot of conductive paint and let dry. If you have missing dots, the button will not work no matter how clean the circuit board is.