Key Fobs: Cannot Access Learning Mode

(Stromberg) #1

Hello Guys,
I’m trying to programm new key fobs for a XJ8 (x308 from 1999) a but the car does not enter into learning mode. I tried the head light flashing method as well as the boot lid method. There is no beep nor does the red light near the shift lever flash.
Does anybody have an idea? Any help would be greatly appreciated


x308, 1999

(Bleasie) #2

Hi there I have just gone through a similar ordeal with my XK8 which uses the headlight flash method. In the end we decided that the security module was the problem & of course they are no longer available from Jaguar. I did find a 2nd hand one which I fitted & have managed to programme one of my 3 Key Fobs. So maybe you have a similar problem

(j limongelli) #3

Try the key on and key off 3 times and each time remove the key from the lock.
Try it on the outside door and the steering column.
Good luck