Key programming help!

I have a 2000 jaguar s type that was a repossession and had no keys Tonite when I got the car. It sat for two years never started. I have replaced everything with the pats unit and three bad modules including the pcm. No keys will program to the car and I have been to the dealership and a couple of locksmiths. Where else would you look to find the problem?

The first thing to do was to configure 2 keys to the car as it was originally. When you start swapping modules you risk corrupting the VID block and that is likely what you have done.

I remember attending a Jaguar training session and a California dealer did the ‘swapping-modules’ thing to sort out a problem. The car was a few months old and the mechanic went to the showroom floor and ‘borrowed’ a module from a new car.

After installing the module in the faulty car and getting no result, he returned the module to the NEW car and that car was DEAD!!!

They now had 2 cars DEAD!!!

A Jaguar FSE (Field Service Engineer) was dispatched to find out what was going on.
I never heard the final outcome but the gist of the story was to NEVER swap modules without contacting Jaguar Technical Hotline to find out which modules can safely be swapped without damage to the VID block.

Suggested reading will include ADMIN TSB 1-186 that is on the internet (I uploaded it to several forums and given it to some repair sites).

You might try the 32 bit recovery system as offered by Jaguar…

You can use WDS or IDS interchangeably.

Jaguar 32-bit ECM recovery procedure

2002-on X-TYPE, 2003-on S-TYPE, 2004-on XJ, 2003-on XK

In the event communications to the Engine Control Module (ECM) cannot be established or an error occurred

during programming and the ECM will no longer communicate with the WDS,

DO NOT replace the ECM.

Perform the ECM rectification procedure that will ‘unlock’ the ECM and will restore communications. Before continuing, have WDS in the docking station, the docking station plugged in and a battery charger on the car’s battery.

  1. Start programming the ECM as an existing module using the WDS.

During the reprogramming process, the screen in figure 1 will appear.

  1. Disconnect the negative battery lead and press 'YES" on the

WDS screen as shown in figure 2.

  1. Reconnect and tighten negative battery terminal and then press

‘YES’ to continue.

  1. NOTE: Be aware of the time requirements of this portion of the

procedure. A helper may be required to perform correctly. Press

tick on WDS, wait 2 seconds, then switch ignition on. WDS will

recover and then reprogram ECM.

good luck