Key reprogram for my 2002 X Type Sport 5 Speed manual

I have ordered a new key remote fob … how do I reprogram / program it for my 02 X Type sport manual ??

This YouTube worked for me.

Cheers, Alan

Alan, could you give me some details ,please about the new key item,
I could use one, mine does not work , I just use the key.
I have a 2002 3.0

                                                                       Thanks, Walter


My car is an '06 but I think all X types are the same.

I had both original keys, but both had duff or intermittent unlock button.
I did try repairs,but without success.

I bought a $20 Chinese replacement on evilBay, but it wouldn’t program to
my car. I knew the system in the car was okay (see above)

Bought an OEM replacement from Welsh (again on eBay) for around $50. Just
the electrical part, no key.

Programmed it using the you tube for guidance. Basically just put key in
ignition, wait 20 seconds or so, cycle between position I and II four
times, then remove and hit any button on key.

Hope this helps, Alan

Thanks so much, Alan

I’ll look into that.


Hi Alan,
thank you so much for posting your answer etc, I used the instructions as on you tube which you suggested, and guess what… success , it appears my original perhaps lost its function by coming apart… now wallah as they say… Best Wishes… Art in BC Canada.

Hi Art and Walter,

You’re most welcome. It’s pretty amazing how much good info you can find
on you tube.


hi, i assume your referring to the circuit board inside the fob. Im having trouble with mine. Ive
already got the key cut, and had a locksmith key it to the ignition. Just cant get the fob to work with the locks. locksmith told me it was a bad board. This is a fob i ordered off E Bay thats exactly like my original fob. I ordered a new board, but what i dont know is did i get the right one, since i see they make UK and USA boards. Im already into this fob for 125.00 US.

I recall reading a post a year or two ago re X-type key fobs - some characteristic electrical/electronic problems, perhaps with a circuit board, which created malfunctions. Mine presently will do everything but unlock doors with the button, so I just use the key. Ideas for obtaining and programming spares were helpful. Jim Poole, Ft. Collins, CO

I went to a KEY shop in my neighborhood nearby, they fixed my FOB
and gave me a new one. They both work. It does not cost much.