Key reprogram for my 2002 X Type Sport 5 Speed manual

(Jagart) #1

I have ordered a new key remote fob … how do I reprogram / program it for my 02 X Type sport manual ??

(Alan Grossman) #2

This YouTube worked for me.

Cheers, Alan

(W. Schuster) #3

Alan, could you give me some details ,please about the new key item,
I could use one, mine does not work , I just use the key.
I have a 2002 3.0

                                                                       Thanks, Walter

(Alan Grossman) #4


My car is an '06 but I think all X types are the same.

I had both original keys, but both had duff or intermittent unlock button.
I did try repairs,but without success.

I bought a $20 Chinese replacement on evilBay, but it wouldn’t program to
my car. I knew the system in the car was okay (see above)

Bought an OEM replacement from Welsh (again on eBay) for around $50. Just
the electrical part, no key.

Programmed it using the you tube for guidance. Basically just put key in
ignition, wait 20 seconds or so, cycle between position I and II four
times, then remove and hit any button on key.

Hope this helps, Alan

(W. Schuster) #5

Thanks so much, Alan

I’ll look into that.


(Jagart) #6

Hi Alan,
thank you so much for posting your answer etc, I used the instructions as on you tube which you suggested, and guess what… success , it appears my original perhaps lost its function by coming apart… now wallah as they say… Best Wishes… Art in BC Canada.

(Alan Grossman) #7

Hi Art and Walter,

You’re most welcome. It’s pretty amazing how much good info you can find
on you tube.